Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lesson learned - ALLERGIES

I have incredible gas happening right now in my gut. Fuuuuuuck eating big dense whole wheat/oat/whatever cookies ever again. Who do I think I am?! I desp want to take my pants off right now. Going for dinner which might not help but I'll just kill this day off.

Things I must avoid:

  • kale
  • cabbage
  • soy
  • onions in all forms. raw cooked whatever.
  • garlic. Not cool. 
  • whole wheat - white bread, we're cool. I can do baguettes. without suffering.
  • OATS.
  • Pork. I'm sorry, it's over between us. Bacon is the exception.
  • chickpeas, lentils, all that shit. no way, fart city.
  • BEER. Ok, let's get real here, I am not avoiding beer forever. I can avoid those foods easier than I can avoid a nice beer.
  • Cumin, are we in a fight? Chilli powder? who's the culprit here?!

We went out for dinner to a "tappas" place down the street. Cute. Lots of beer on tap, even a cider. We'll have to go there for dranks one day, my friends, then come back to ours and drink more. My stomach was already bloated and hurting from (most likely) the stupid cookie I had earlier. That's the only thing I ate that was out of the ordinary and boy did I pay for it later.

Dinner consisted of the following:

  • Cheese block, with dried fruits and such. ok.
  • foccacia - let me add that white bread doesn't effect me like whole wheat, but I don't think it helped the situation
  • some veg slaw - it had cabbage in it
  • calamari - whole cloves of garlic were involved. garlic is finicky with me, I think all around it's a no-no. UNFORTCH. it was in a mayo-y sauce, which doesn't concern me.
  • 1 rib - pork! bad.
  • mushroom/truffle risotto - no regrets. maze.
So, my gas pains were from my earlier meals, but my dinner didn't help. Note to self, avoid all things on that list above. I had trouble breathing properly on our walk home because my stomach was so bloated that my diaphragm hurt whenever I breathed out. - and it was hard like a big beer belly. SEXY. I could only breathe in comfortably. Once I got home, took off my pants and let it all "out" I felt a bit better. I have a feeling tonight's sleep will be terrible. FOSHE hitting up crossfit tomorrow. Killing the gym 4X this week mos def. AND maybe Sat morning. Who am I?? Beast mode gyal, that's who.

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