Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday was a bad day for food. I drank the night before so waking up on time for my 9am gym class was not gonna happen. I woke up at 9 then was mad that I missed my class by such a small amount of time. I ate the last bit of my leftover burrito from Milagros. It was amazing. Then I ate some of the leftover avo/jicama/pineapple salad. Then I ate some chips. Then chocolate.

This is all because of the alcohol and baked treats we had last night. See, if you do this type of careless eating once a week, you will never lose a pound. In fact, I probably gained weight despite my exercise and good eating. It's the extra calories and sugar that just stick to fat that makes this a negative experience. I've decided that as little as eating out ONCE a week will hinder weight loss and/or make you gain weight. Think of all those unknown sugars and calories in the meals you don't prepare. Fat people eat out once a week or more. Fact.

After my crappy binging I got groceries and made a carrot cake to take to my aunt's. It was a 'regular' cake made with flour and cream cheese icing. It was pointed out that if I made a paleo dessert that I was just catering to my own tastes and needs which is selfish so I made a generic carrot cake to please others. But I had leftover grated carrots so I made paleo carrot cake balls for my fucking self to eat later:

6 dates
ground almonds/pecans
splash of coconut milk which wasn't necessary since carrots are juicy naturally.
blend. coat in coconut. put in fridge. yum.

I ate a few. they were fantastic.

Dinner at aunt's:
some cheese, wine, olives
steak, cauli mash, brussels sprouts, baguette with butter
carrot cake and decaf americano for dessert.

stomach killed, I ate too much.


Sleep was ok, we watched The Impossible and I think it gave me nightmares. It was terrifying and to think it is all true. So fucked. Nature is powerful and I don't know how anyone survived that tsunami at all.

3 carrot cake balls
2.5 scrambled eggs
1 pep stick

I'm making chilli for dinner, with cauli mash and probably roasted carrots. I make them like the recipe in Well Fed. There is cinnamon on them. Good.

I signed up for the 3.30 hot yoga class. I'm going, fuckit. I feel like a fatass and need some form of activitiy that doesnt involve the cold wind outside.

Currently preparing my Sunday cookup. This way I have no excuses buying food this week, also I can crush the gym every night and not have to worry about preparing dinner. Maybe I'll make salmon one night, but that's quick and simple oven-baking. All my sides will be spinach or broccoli.. good vegetables.

This week's lunches and maybe dinners:
Chlli with cauli mash and carrots - I said this earlier.

Pork carnitas - can eat those with broccoli/spinach or whatever I want.

There. Few hours on a Sunday saved me loads of stress and poor eating this week. This is what Sundays are for, when you are conscious and obsessed with delicious, healthy food and fitness. Ain't nothing free, homey. Now I have time to hit the gym, have a bath after and eat a yum dinner. Perf.

Hot yoga, 90 minutes.

WF chocolate chilli, cauli mash
snacked on some tortillas before

While watching Lost, I ate a bag of Popchips. Salt and vinegar. Why did I buy these? Oh yes, they were 2 for 4 bucks. Ate the whole bag. 85g.

Later, carrot cake.

I need to start not eating.

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