Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Sleep was bad. I blame the glass of prosecco I had at 5pm. Then the evening fudge babies. Sugar/cocoa keeps me up, also I didn't workout.

Disruptive sleep, see?

1 sausage, some sweet potatoes

2 lara balls - delish

cinnamon beef stew/spaghet squash

apple, cash butter.

Pre workout:
a bite of my slow cooked stuffed peppers. YUM.

A. Front Squat 5×3@85-88%, rest 2-3mins - 5Xempty bar, 5x65, 5x85, 3x5@105#
5 sets:
150m row or 15cals airdyne
10 burpees as fast as possible
Rest 3mins

Took me 19+ minutes. It's the burpees, I'm slow.

stuffed pepper. delish.

I wasn't satisfied so I had a bowl of this at about 9:30
blueberries, pumpkin, coconut, coconut milk, cinnamon, almond, cashew, cocnut milk

the first bite was gross but it was good after lol

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