Thursday, January 10, 2013


This week is flying, thank gad.

Sleep was awful. what the fuck am I doing wrong? It was impossible to fall asleep, i probably actually fell asleep at like 2am. FML.

But looks like I stayed in a deep sleep for a while though, consistently. I wonder if it was the magnesium I took as a last resort for my insomnia or if I was just exhausted? The lawd only knows.

pumpkin/blueberry slop I invented. It was meh, but we're out of eggs.

at work
like 3 or 4 fudge baby balls. Done with that, they're too good.

1/4 chicken, veggies, potatoes from Fresh n Wild. Still have another 1/4 to eat for tomorrow. I'll have it as a snack or sommat.

apple w/cashew butter. Meh, I'm over cashew butter. 

Got a nice massage after work, she really worked those muscles. She also said she can feel that they're toned. WIN.

1/2 stuffed red pepper, 1/4 avocado. I made some cashew/coconut butter, my fave - I made it cuz the cashews i got from bulk barn tasted like nothing so I pan toasted them and made butter. It's good. 

I'm drinking a glass of port right now, the last of it. Alcohol fail. OH, I might have had a glass and a half of prosecco before the massage. I'm rebelling right now. Since it doesn't seem to matter what the fuck I do, my sleep is garbage. So, tonight I:m drinking my wine. Fuck you.

Tomorrow night I'm crossfitting. Saturday it's supposed to be nice out so I'm going running. Furreal.

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