Tuesday, January 22, 2013


sleep was ok, I had to pee but chose to resorb.

you know what? I didn't feel like fucking eating meat! or eggs! suck it.
1 rice cake, peanut butter + 1/2 banana, coffee

Menu Today:


carnitas / spinach / tomato

Apple+pumpk seed butter

Crossfit f'sho

Chilli+spinach or broc. TBD

It's ccccold today!!!

Some S&V chips. VICE!

I think I'm getting my period cuz i am a garbage can right now.

I can't eat kale. It's been decided. It gives me uncomfortable gas in my intestines. OUT.

K I want to eat lentils. I miss them. After googling vegetarian recipes for Narine cuz she refuses to do so, I've decided I need to make a lentil dish. So good.


A. Front Squat 3×1.1.1, rest 10sec inside cluster, rest 2.5mins between sets. 115#
B. RDL 3×6-8, rest 2mins between sets 115# I don't think I did my first 2 sets properly.. I always get it mixed up with the DL movement. RDLs are pivoted at the hip, DL's involve legs lifting the barbell... right?

30KB swings 16kg for the first 2, then I switched to the 12kg (too easy) because I was losing my grip. Then I switched back to 16kg cuz I found the thinner handled one. Noted.
15 burpees - FML
as many double unders as possible in remaining time - Please note I hate jumping.

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