Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Sleep was null and void.

crispy bacon, eggs, bit of brownie, coffee

On the menu for today:
leftover spaghetti squash/meat sauce

Def too tired for CF, I'll go tomorrow. Need some proper sleep to recover.

When I'm super tired I eat poorly. I ate some chocolate. No-sugar fail, pick up again today and move onwards. I also had some Miss Vicki's SV chips. Just potato right? haha

2 tomatoes, bits I picked off a chicken carcass (yum!), some bacon, avocado, balsamic, hot sauce.
Love that shit.

We watched "Flight". Holy fucking scary (the first bit of the plane crash). If you didn't know, I'm not a great flyer. I get anxious, sweaty and scared on planes. Not the entire time, just during takeoff, landing and turbulance. If I'm drunk, I'm ok, or on some anxiety pills I'm fine. But I always think that: If Im on a plane, no matter what, it's for a good reason. Either I'm going somewhere awesome or coming back somewhere awesome. It's exciting getting on planes because of the adventure ahead, but scary thinking that if something goes wrong, you're 100% fucked. But I must remember, its safer up there than on the streets every day. And I would never let that 'fear' stop me from life experience, that I know. The rest of the movie is (spoiler alert) essentially about alcholism and how cocaine sobers you up. I'm serious. So if you're ever smashed and need to get into shape for, say, a court appearance, just do some lines.

Oh, we had popcorn with butter during the movie. Safe popcorn, but you know, it's technically not allowed.

When is the challenge happening? Not this week that's for sure. If it starts concert night, I'll have to start the following day.

This week is dragging.

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