Monday, January 21, 2013


It just keeps on happening. Monday.

My sleep was meh.

I'm considering incorporating some veg meals into my diet. Like lentils for protein, perhaps to reduce caloric intake. I know it's not great to count calories, but sometimes it matters. I know I can't do a full-on vegetable meal, let's face it I need protein so maybe I'll try lentils out again. Considering it's been over a year since I've gotten into CF and I'm not friggin solid, perhaps paleo doesn't work for me. I was thinking about even making rice.. but maybe I'll do a lentil curry over cauli rice. Lentils are good, no? Millions of people eat them, and not all fattys. We'll see. No harm in trying, if it gives me mega gas then I'll know it's a no-no. Things that give you gas are things you shouldn't eat.

2 eggs, mushrooms, salsa

I wasn't very hungry this morning but I ate anyway. I know that I'll be super hungry at work and I'll make a poor choice. I'm cutting back on avocados and nut butters.

on the menu today:
chilli/cauli mash

Snacks include:
carrot "cake" ball
some banana 'brownie' from Kensington. It's essentially a little dense bar of dried condensed banana. Low cal, low sugar, only ingredient: banana. weird.

kale chips - Live Organic brand. Good.


A. Push Press 4×3@90%, rest 2-2.5mins
B1. Shoulder Press 3×5, rest 0sec
B2. Chin-ups 3×3-6, rest 90sec
C. Group Metcon
3 sets:
30sec cals airdyne or row
90sec rest
30sec battling ropes
30sec knee to elbow

carnitas and spinach

I feel like I have five chins today. Am I PMSing??! This is too much. Having tea then going to bed.


  1. Hmmm....I wasn't sleeping well on Paleo but then, over Christmas, one of my cousins (who is co-oincidentally also on Paleo) told me that I wasn't getting enough fat.

    Since I've up'ed my fat intake, I can't stop sleeping....ahahhaaaaaa


    1. Char I eat lots of fat, perhaps too much. Something I'm doing is wrong. It could be the binge drinking but who knows ;)

    2. Awwww...
      Ahaaaa...... you don't binge drink every night though! ;)

      Although I must confess I've been eating chocolates tooo...therefore more sugar..... :(