Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend: no hyphen required.

Sausage and 1 egg for breakfast.

I was super lazy on Saturday. I took melatonin on Friday night and it makes me groggy and emotional the following day. Not taking them anymore. I also had 2 beers Friday. There goes my no alcohol "challenge". Fail. Meh.

But I managed to drag myself out of bed to take advantage of the abnormally high temperature outside. I went for a run. 4.75km though, not my usual 5.5km. I had to cut it short because my "bad" knee started hurting about 2km in so I turned around and headed home. I don't want a knee injury preventing me from doing squats n things at the gym. Are my running days over? I blame the hill I ran down on Woodbine. Hills = sore knees. Fact of running. I iced my knee when I got back, but it was really sore. Fuck. Today its fine. It doesn't help that I hadn't run in a while then just went for it. I decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt. At first I was like why the fuck am I outside in shorts and a t shirt but eventually I warmed up. But because I wanted to warm up fast, I ran fast at first. That probably didn't help my knee either. I think I'll try and hit up hot yoga this week... I need a good stretch and the warmth will be good for my joints.

We went to the burbs to my parents' for dinner. Chips were had. Wine was had. Roast beef dinner was eaten and so was... wait for it... CAKE. My mom made a cute vanilla cake from scratch so naturally Imma eat my moms friggin cake. It was amazing. No regrets. Then I proceeded to drink more booze out for a friends birthday. MEGA fitness fail. I woke up hungover, and feeling like shit any day of the weekend isn't worth it anymore. Weekends are precious, there is always stuff to do and sleeping half the day because of a hangover SUCKS. I need groceries, there is laundry to do, cleaning.... domestic healthy adult stuff to do. I may walk to the butcher's just to get a last bit of this spring air before it turns to garbage winter tomorrow.

2 eggs, 1 sausage. coffee.

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