Monday, January 28, 2013

Whatever. It's Monday. Over it.

Sleep was shit. Basically I'm still hungover and feel queasy. Drinking green tea like a mofo and trying to consume as many antioxidants as I can.

2 eggs, mushrooms, bit of cheese, blueberries

At work:
bit of pumpkin seed butter. like less than a teaspoon.

leftover rosbif, cauli mash, carrots/sweet potato.

Guys, I'm not even looking or thinking about unnecessary snacking. I just need this anxious feeling/nausea to go away. I'm doing whole 30 again. Maybe 30+, and when is this challenge starting?! I need it. I need that motivation and competition.

My legs are still sore from Saturday's workout and I have a big painful bruise on my shoulder from.. I DONT KNOW! probably falling into the tub in my drunken state. Rock bottom, guys.
My back is sore, I need a massage again.

apple, half with pump seed butter
last bit of roast beef and cauli.

I decided to not go to the gym tonight. I'm in need of a good night's sleep, I'm poopy, I don't want to eat late and my upper back hurts. I think its from Saturday's workout, but who knows. Maybe it's from hugging the bowl Saturday night or falling back into the tub. The bruise on my shoulder is a delightful reminder of that. I cancelled my Wed hair appointment so I'll go Tues/Wed/Fri. Maybe Sat am if I'm feeling ambitious.

Pre dinner:
few rice crackers, cheddar cheese

chicken sausages, roasted eggplant and tomatoes.

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