Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Paleo Life day 2

Sleep was meh. Not terrible not great.

leftover meat stif fry/cauli

Made a chicken salad for lunch with the leftover roast chicken:
chicken, lime juice, olive oil, s/p, orange pepper and cashews. Will have that with spinach and tomato. What what!

Tonight I aim to hit CF round 3. And tomorrow workout 4! Let's GO! Then I can sleep in saturday and maybe hit the spa. Watch out.

Did I mention Jamie is on board with this new year's "resolution"? Yep, he's on the paleo bandwagon.

Note to self, make these things:

Banana Bread French Toast (As a TREAT)

Cashew sour cream, for future taco salads.

Sausage and Egg Sandwich - For this weekend's breakfast

Chicken Salad + 1/2 avocado

K I had the last three punkin protein balls. 2 before lunch, 1 after.
My lunch wasn't filling enough. Needed more veg to fill up on.

cashew lara bar like my fren MA.
spoonful of cashew butter. I'm a cashew face today, easy there big fella.

Tonight I reckon we'll have sausages and sweet potato in the oven.

I plan on hitting up crossfit again, I am feeling a bit addicted. This is what healthy eating and an expensive gym membership does to a person. Not a bad thing though.

Pre workout:
three spoons of chicken salad. I didn't eat enough today and was lightheaded doing my squats. Had to bail on my last set because I felt I couldn't do it.

Crossfit WOD:

A. Shoulder Press 4×5@80%, 1×5+@80%, rest 2.5mins - 55#
B. Back Squat 4×3@85-90%, rest 2.5mins - 120#
C1. GHD Hip Extension 4×8 [2014], rest 60sec - Love doing these.. feels so good.
C2. Single Arm bent-over supported DB row, 4×6-8 [2011] , rest 60s

Good workout, there was barely anyone there. Love it. and MA was there! yes!

Macedonian sausage + sweet potato + spinach + home made mayo YUMMMMM

I succeeded day 2 of no sugar.

OH, my Adidas Powerlift shoes arrived! Can't wait to do squats with these bad boys.

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