Monday, January 7, 2013

Mondane Jan 7

Sleep was ok, not bad but I had trouble waking up at a decent time.

2 eggs, 3 bacon, coffee

At work:

There is a Ferrero Rocher on my desk, ignoring.

Apple w/ cashew butter.

leftover stew/spaghet squash + half an avo

carrots and half avo. mega avo fat day. Oh well, I had sweet cravings (a few friggin chocolates on my desk) and there is no way I'm caving right now. So I ate the carrots and avocado, all bitter-like.

I may be OD-ing on the (good) fats but fuck, nothing is satisfying. Plain carrots is nothing and is a waste of crunching. I know these fats are calorie dense, but seriously, what else will curb that craving? Do I start making 'paleo' goodies? but then there is sugar in them (natural ones but still ya know?)

Pre workout:
kale chips - dehydrated and coated with a nutritional yeast/cashew/red pepper flavour. Fucking good, man. I think I need a dehydrator. Want.

A1. Push Press 4×5, rest 60s  /  70#
A2. Chins-up 4×4-8, rest 90-120s
B. Shoulder Press 2×5-8, rest 120s  /  55#

Metcon - 2 rounds:
3min amrap: 5 DB thrusters @ 35% 1RM push press (20# each), 5 pull-ups, 30 double unders
2mins rest
3min amrap: 150m row or 12cals airdyne, 10 ball slams (15# - wimpy)

2mins rest

Toulouse sausage, sweet potato, collard greens sauteed.

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