Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Round 1 (3)

Sleep was so so bad. I had a really hard time falling asleep. And I had nightmares about terrifying poltergeists and I was sweating all night long. I blame the nightmares on my vitamin cocktail I had right before bed of D's and Magnesiums. Won't do that again. I don't think I like the magnesium I bought, it does weird things to my bowels. Sorry.

Jamie made fancy egg pods, a dozen of them. Good job, he's being good with the challenge. Avoiding temptation. Proud!
Had them with his home made mayo. Yummm.

Now drinking a coffee because I am fucking knackered. I wanted to hit the gym tonight but I might be too tired.

Banana + cashew butter

Chicken salad + cauli

It's Friday, can't wait to sleep in!!

Walnuts and cashews

2 egg pods/mayo

When I got home I lay on my bed debating going to the gym. It was either go Friday night, come home, tidy up, have dinner and watch a move/tv whatever. OR Stay on the couch all night long watch a few movies and relax, go to the gym in the morning. Guess which one was the winner?

1 sausage + sweet potato

I watched "Carnage" and then "Inglorious Basterds". Both C.W. movies. So what I'll do what I want. Carnage was a comedy, not THAT funny but interesting seeing him play that type of role. I like him in the Basterds much better. I then watched Californication and Coronation Street. Good Friday Night.

But of course, nothing can ever be perfect and my sleep was shit AGAIN. Hate. I'm forcing myself to go to the gym today when really I want to stay home and nap. I'm having lunch with girlfriends at some raw place in Mississauga. I'll have to get some protein in me before I hit this all-veg restaurant.

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