Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paleo Challenge ROUND THREE

Today is the beginning of health kick/new life/paleo living/crossfitting/no drinking for FIVE WEEKS FUCK YOU.

I'm NOT gonna be making paleo cookies/muffins/breads this round. I realize I just made some pumpkin cookies yesterday but that's it. No more subbing healthy paleo snacks for cookies n muffins n shit. I'm eating straight up real food and getting strong, losing my fat stomach and reducing the circumference of my thunder thighs.  I like juicy thighs and ass but come on. There is a limit here people.

Today I feel like a fatass. I'm bloated, perioding and off my routine. Pootine. I have a ritual in the morning and it's off track from my holidays. So I feel extra bloated right now. Sigh. I also feel like people at work are looking at me thinking I came back looking like a big heffer. I've gained like 5 lbs. I know I sholdn't look at the scale but I did. And I sad.

Sleep was ok. I took some melatonin last night. Meh.

1.5 eggs omelette w/spinach and mushroom
3 farmers bacon

At work I'm drinking a shitty coffee and forcing myself to drink this boring glass of water. I just don't feel like drinking water in the morning.

Ok work time. Crossfit later if all goes well.

Pre lunch:
2 pumpkin protein cookies. They're small.

2 eggs/bacon wrapped things
cauliflower steamed

1 pumpkin cookie. the last one.

2 pumpkin cookies- they're proteiny!


A. Front Squat 3@85#, 2@105#, 1@110#, 3×3-4 @ 95-100#
B. Group Metcon  amrap=as many rounds as possible:

5min amrap: 200m row, 40 double unders (or a number you can complete in 30sec)
2min rest
5min amrap: 10 KB swings to chin level (16kg), 10 DB push press @ 20lb each
2min rest
5min amrap: 2 DB man makers - 15# (I didbn't realize it was only 2.. next time 20#), 8 box jumps

ground meat stir fry with Moroccan spice.

It was a good day, no sugar and I'm good.

Wait, one more pumpkin thing. Eep.

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