Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year-End 2012

I haven't written a post in a long time, I haven't been obsessed enough, also I've eaten like a fat ass for the past two weeks or more. Not proud. But I have managed to go to the gym 3X each week so that's good. I'm beginning my "Whole 30" again on January 2. More like Whole 35 - I'll do 5 weeks at least. Maybe 6. I watched a vegan docu yesterday which turned me off meat. But really, it's only turned me off factory farmed meat. I wanted to try a vegan challenge instead of paleo but I know I won't get the nutrients I need. Plus you need that protein to lost fat, sorry. I've read up on it and it's true. People argue that we don't need to eat meat, which could be true, but fact is, humans evolved to where we're at because of meat. Why do you think our brains are so big? Google it. And I know for buidling muscle I need that protein and I def won't be living off hemp or pea powder for that source. I'll just never buy grocery store meat and stick to my local ethically raised expensive meat. My conscience is clear.

I'm looking forward to nixing sugar again. It's killer. It fucks everything up and it truly is a drug. We are ALL addicted. Wait til you give it up and you'll see. And that means RARELY eating bananas, apples, all fruit basically. Because it is all high in sugar. Stock up on those veggies, nuts, fats and meats and you'll be fine. No more fruit bowls for breakfast, and like 1-2 apples per week if you're wanting weight loss and a true detox. I need a serious sugar detox so I'm laying off the fruit this coming week f'sho. Bring on the pain, I like seeing change in my body and mood. I'll be shitty for two days, and just fine afterwards. No booze. I'll make the exception for Soundgarden, sorry. But that's it!! I've already got a countdown chalkboard happening in my kitchen, I can't wait til the "Days without sugar" number grows and grows. It shows strength, determination, loyalty. People will try and break you, women will try and break you out of jealousy. They'll want you to fail because the thought of you getting a bangin body and sticking to your word drives them nuts, because they can't. Keep that in mind each time you are 'tempted' by these witches. You dominate when you say no, they back down sheepishly when you say no. And each time you say no, you are one step closer to those abs. Trust.

My goal is to feel and look great in old blue velvet. I'm approaching 31 and I need to keep things tight before they go south, and they will go south if ignored. I'm ignoring my stupid hair until May, when it will be a suitable length for highlighting. It's ugly right now and I'm accepting it.

Anyway, I have chores to do today, groceries to get and friends to meet for dinner. The second-last supper.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One week til Christmas

And I've never felt less in the spirit as I have at this point in my life. Nothing feels Christmassy. The tree is up and decorations outside and it doesn't make me feel warm. Why? I do enjoy Christmas and all the feelings of nostalgia but I just don't feel it right now. There are no gifts under our tree, I've done no baking whatsoever and I can't help but look forward to when its all overwith. This isn't me at all.

bora bora balls + avocado

at work
peanut butter cup

more boras

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I don't know where to begin. Too much boozing is happening. Also I wore this to Jamies work party last night. The theme was vintage circus, so I was a circus 'strongwoman'. You know those ladies that lift weights n shit. I brought a prop - a fake home made barbell with 100lb 'weights' on the ends. I have regrets about wearing it. YES I wore pantyhose. skin tone ones tho. I didn't feel fat - that may change when I see the photos. FUCK MY LIFE AND THE INTERNET.

I need a proper clothing moderator in my life, and it can't be my male partner. Listen, I wouldn't wear that if it wasn't a fucking costume party, it's not like it was completely inappropriate. Yes it was short and I am tall but so what? Some girls were wearing strapless things.. and short skirts n stuff.. so what's the diff if I was wearing super short shorts?? It wasn't to be sexy, it was the costume. It was simple and made sense to me. I got ready in a sober state so I wasn't wearing beer goggles when I saw myself. Clearly I was confident enough to wear it but maybe I'm too fat for it. Fuuuuh. And what the fuck, people wear less at the beach and at pools so eat shit.

Tonight we have our 'friends' xmas party. There will be lots of food. Shit I need to get booze. Great.

We went out for breakfast at 2pm today. I had a club sandwich + fries. Yay weight gain.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One point Five

weeks left until Christmas break. WOOO!

Sleep was shit, but my lats were sore from my workout. Yesssssssssss.

2.5 eggs, bacon like yesterday, spinach

Snack at work:
coffee. herbal tea.

leftover cinnamon beef + spaget squash

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm off track. I say that a lot don't I?
Well. I've def gotten fatter. No doubt. I was out of control this past month and I see the results. My enabler at work isn't doing her job! yeah!!! We are supposed to be stopping each other from eating crap.

Me: "I'm getting another piece of chocolate"
Reen: "Get me one too"


I was perfect yesterday, today I had a piece of chocolate (3 squares of a lindt bar) OMG NOT THREE SQUARES!! see how ridiculous I sound? Annoying. But, thats what happens when you are on a constant struggle to lose that fat. Skinny people don't know how good they have it.

Anyway, it was delicious so fuck you.

2.5 eggs, 3 small thin pieces of smoke back bacon type bacon, spinach.

At work:
apple, cashew/coconut butter
coffee x2

leftover roasted chicken, peas, few sweet potats.


I want to not go to the gym tonight. But, maybe I should go when I don't want to go. It's a challenge in itself. The reason is because of the metcon. It is a "6 rounds for time" which means I'l be last and take fucking half an hour. Man Makers is the killer.

Anyway. I'm going tonight. I won't regret it after.

Went to Crossfit. It was good, small group. I wasn't last! But.. I didn't use 20lbs for my man makers like I probably should have. I wimped and used 15s. if it were AMRAP I would have tho.

spinach + tuna + tomatoes w/olive oil n lemon juice
protein powder w/almond milk and water. This is my dinner drink. I'm pounding the protein, seeing what it does for me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This week has been pretty good. I slipped a bit and had a small piece of that banana cake. It was ok, it tasted like vanilla cake with banana in it. Perhaps boxed. I also had 2 caramel hershey kisses. Not worth the sugar.

Went to crossfit last night.

A. Back Squat. 5@75%, 3@85%, 1@90%, 3×1-2@95% = 5x95 lb, 3x110 lb, 1x120 lb, 3x2 @ 125 lb. I guess my 1rep max for backsquat is higher than 130. 125 wasn't "easy" but it wasn't scary. Big tings!!

B. Group metcon:

5min AMRAP:
5 burpees
10 KB swings to chin level (24kg/16kg)
Rest 4mins
5min AMRAP
5 wall ball
5 box jumps

Hate burpees, they hurt my knees and guess what - I suck at pushups. I am going to fix this. kettlebell swings I like. Wall balls I love, they make me feel like my legs and ass are looking better by the squat. I used the 12 lb ball for that. Go!

Food Monday:
2.5 egg omelette w/goat cheese and mushrooms

blueberries and cashew butter

leftover shep pie

apple w/cashew butter

cashew butter is all gone. good!

Din post-CF:
made a frittata. super quick, easy:
chopped broccoli / 1 red pepper / slices of salami / few pieces sun dried tomatoes / goat cheese
10 eggs
bit of coconut milk
dried basil, s&p

just fuggin throw whatever veggies you have on-hand into the pan, pour your beat eggs over top. then you're g2g.

all in a greased pan, 375º for about 35 min. Delish. I think the pan needs more greasing or something.
This is a quick high protein healthy food to have on-hand. This means we have lunches the rest of the week.


Sleep was shit

raspberries + 1/2 banana + seed protein shit + coco milk.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ohh kay clearly I was having a PMS/exhaustion breakdown last week. I don't feel as fat as I did on Thursday or Friday. Last night I did though. I was staring at myself in the mirror. Now, I don't know if I've gained my fat back that I lost during the challenge, or if I'm just used to my body and now I think that even THIS body is too fat. Which might mean I have body image issues ("might" - haha) or maybe I'm a bit fatter than in October. Now, I don't want to sound like I'm saying that I think I'm obese, I'm merely complaining about my appearance based on my own personal goals and standards. Don't worry, I'm fully aware of what fat is and I know how annoying it is when "skinny" people bitch about their weight. But I DO know that I'm not skinny - not that I want to be but you know what I mean by all this.

I have two weeks to tone up and fit into old blue velvet. In a perfect Michelle world, I will challenge myself and go every morning to crossfit - well at least 4X this week because I am busy Wed-Frid and that is not acceptable for my fitness.

I'll let you know if it happens.

Sleep was great, I fuckin slept the SHIT outta that bed last night. And I woke up with a headache. Those are the best sleeps cuz you sleep past your normal caffeine time and then get a headache. Good times.

2 bacon
2.5 egg omelett w/goat cheese. Good shit

A few spoons of cashew/coconut butter. Yum.

Got groceries, I'm stacked for the week. Let's hope I come home after work and don't work til late.

WF Shep pie. The good shit.

I just finished making dairy free eggnog.
Here is the recipe:

4 egg yolks
2.25 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 – 400mL can of full-fat coconut milk *see note
¼ cup palm sugar
2 tsp pure gluten-free vanilla extract
1 tsp ground nutmeg *see note
1 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch allspice

If you don't know how to separate egg yolks, look it up and friggin learn how.
Place egg yolks in a small mixing bowl and set aside
Combine remaining ingredients in a medium sized saucepan and bring to a simmer on medium heat.
Reduce heat to low.
Slowly add approximately ¼ cup of the hot liquids to the egg yolks while whisking continuously.  - you don't want scrambled eggs. Continue until you’ve added about one cup of the liquid mixture to the egg yolks before transferring the yolks to the pot.
Bring back up to medium heat and whisk while simmering for 4 minutes.
Remove from heat and serve immediately or pour in a mason jar and refrigerate.
Best sprinkled with a touch of ground cinnamon and nutmeg!

Ok I've finished making it. I think there is too much cinnamon. It's all I smell. I would reduce the amount of cinnamon next time. isn't eggnog all about the nutmeg anyway?? But, not a bad try for my first attempt. If you buy eggnog at the store, look at the ingredients. It's ridic. Fucking make your own, you lazy ass. It doesn't even have to be dairy free and takes like 20 minutes.


homemade dairy free eggnog is shit. I don't like almond milk, it always tastes burnt to me. I think there was too much cinnamon and not enough sugar. Eggnog is supposed to be sweet, don't try and change that. The consistency was correct, thick like eggnog. That was the only thing eggnoggy about it. That and the nutmeg. I'll give it another go though.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Major fat day in effect. I've mentioned my loss of control and now I'm seeing the results of it. I had a pair of jeans that fit nicely post-challenge. Now they are back to tight and not fitting. I'm not impressed with myself at all. Not to mention I've been working all week and only been to the gym Monday. Not happy about this one bit.

I hate that my body just goes back to fat as soon as it gets a chance. Like, fucking stay healthy!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!

I have two weeks to fit into my velvet dress for xmas party. Im wearing it goddammit. Fuck you fatness and period!

Sleep was fine, not long enough and full of bizarro dreams about my grandfather and my dad.

protein smoothie. no eggs. FML.

Snack at work
apple with cashew butter on TWO SLICES. Look at me cutting down all weight-watchers like. fuck you.

Lunch? Who cares. Water and water probably. Oh wait I brought lunch. A small can of tuna, spinach, mushrooms and a tomato.

Remember how shitty I felt today? Well I had chinese food for dinner bot by choice but I did choose to eat it. Naughty. This marked my last time ever eating chinese takeout. It's gross and it is NOT late night work fuel.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy Long Week

This week is busy and LONG. It's only Wednesday and there is still so much more to do. I tried wearing my hair messy curly but by the time i got to work it was a big frazzled mess. With my black blazer and leggings, I looked straight from a Tim Burton film set. I controlled the mop once I saw myself.

froz berries, 1/2 banana pancake, some seed mix, coconut milk and cashew/coconut butter.

We are out of eggs. I prefer not to eat sweet things in the morning, all it does is hike your blood sugars and make you crave all day #fact. Bananas every day are a no-no cuz of the sugar content. AND berries. Need to get more eggs, they are really the best thing to eat in the morning, unless you have other dinner leftovers.


As I just finish eating 4 hershey kisses out of stress.

That's all for sugar today though, I swear. I have to buy my lunch which I'm not crazy about. Need meat and veg. Where?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week of November. Good riddance.

Sleep was bad.

2.5 eggs, mushrooms + 1/4 avocado

Snack at work:
apple w/cashew butter.

leftovers from last night.

Ideally I will go to CF Mon-Wed then Saturday morning and a run on Sunday.
I actually wouldn't mind going to yoga too. Look at me being all ambitious and stuff!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter times

I'm not catching up, I don't even know when I posted last. But I can tell you I've mega failed these past few weeks. I've been eating a lot of chocolate. If it's in my house, I eat it. and I almost eat it to get rid of it. If its Cadbury, it's over. Never bring me chocolate, I'm serious. ANYTHING but chocolate.

Worked 3X at crossfit this week and ran today. Quite proud of this. I'll continue with this behaviour this week and hopefully each week. But life happens so you know how it is. I've been a good girl today - aside from a handful of regular chips - and I'm not lying about a handful. I didn't eat anything until about 3:30 today for reasons. But after 3:30 I had:

4 meatballs
1/2 avocado + small tomato w/hot sauce/balsamic (new fave way to eat avos)
1 apple w/peanut butter
few spoons of freshly made coconut/casher butter. So good!!

Chicken carnitas are cooking right now. Will have them with sweet potatoes and kale I think.

I'm a bit tired today, didn't sleep well due to booze. I was hungover this morning. But I sucked it up and went for a 5k with my friend. It was awesome.

a new week, and NO TREATS! at least not every fucking day. Not eating starburst or chocolates. Strict so I can fit into my velvet dress for the work xmas pahty.

chicken carnitas, kale, sweet potatoes

coconut milk hot chocolate. Underwhelming.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sleep was ok, woke up tickly coughing fit. Hey at least it's only once a night now. :|

blueberries + 1 protein carrot muffin.

Snack at work:
apple + cashew buttah

1/2 stuffed pepper

I had a craving for orange starburst. I satisfied that craving with 5 of them.

Tonight I'm skipping the gym and getting a massage. My neck is still sore from crooked sick sleeping.

I'll probably go tomorrow night instead of my writing class. Turns out I don't like school after all.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Sleep was not great, woke up with a tickly cough at like 4am or so. Jamie was up with a sore throat. Our house is plagued with.. the plague.

1/4 meatza + 1/2 avocado + coffee

I ate too much this weekend, I abused my stomach and I didn't even have any fun doing it. It was just a shitty eaty weekend for no reason. It's not like I went out and drank and had 3am pizza and then felt like shit. I just ate to eat at home, never left the house aside from groceries. Fun times. My gut is angry for it, I can feel it. I also feel like I have 3 chins right now.

back to crossfit tonight though. Can't wait.

Lunch was stuffed red pepper

Snacks later:
carrot paleo muffin 
apple  w/cashew butter.

2 tomatos, small can tuna + half avocado

I made more muffins, this time I added protein powder.

quick breakfasts for the week.

Crossfit was great, it was tough since I am recovering from being sick. But back atter!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Things

I cannot WAIT to go back to crossfit again. It's been over two weeks and I want my routine back. I feel like a fatty unhealthy mcgee, I've slipped down an eating crap slope and I need to get back on trizzack.

I made the Well Fed Meatza last night. It was ok. I think I'd rather make a 'paleo' crust out of whatever flours as opposed to eating ALL MEAT pizza. It was good, but it doesn't satisfy a pizza craving. I went to Magic Oven the other night and got a GF pizza w/sweet potatoes, figs, gorganzola.. it was SO GOOD. The crust was a GF rice flour one (faileo) but still easy to digest compared to regular crust. I think I'm going to search for the perfect nut flour crust. I bet it doesn't exist, but it's worth a try so I can mimic that particular pizza.

I also ate a few chunks of chocolate from a massive fake toblerone bar. As well, a bag of "pop chips". Not the small personal bag, the large bag. And the large is not large actually. Friday I had a beer or two and some chips. Bad news. Control resumes today. No excuses anymore, and I'll get back on recording my eats now.

I made this my iphone wallpaper:

Not only do I think it's a super haaawwwwt photo, I think it's actually a great shot and quite beautiful. But the reason it is my wallpaper is MOTIVATION. I have a hard time starving myself so I'm going to have to step up my nutrition/exercise game. Fuck you snacks! (there are carrot/banana muffins in my oven right now - paleo though!). I have carrots that need using, figured I'd try a new recipe.

Gonna get running back into my life too. It's good for the soul.

Sleep was fine, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the past week and a half. I can sleep now, without hacking my brains out. Fantastic. However my poo is off-track. You care. This is what happens with a sedentary life. I can't believe how long I went without regular awesome exercise. What a fatass.

veggie omelette, few berries + coffee
small handfull of cashews - eating berries and drinking coffee doesn't mix, so I "cleanse the palette".

Ugh, speaking of palettes, I need to come up with some artwork within the next 2 weeks for an art show put on by a video place in the biz. I might reuse the masks. Is that ok? Do I care? I don't see anything wrong with using the same art at two different shows. Maybe if I feel inspired i'll come up with something new.

Can I just mention that whenever I see paris on the tele I sort of want to cry? No joke. I can't wait to go back.

Friday, November 16, 2012

ty red

Guys, I'm not "back" yet. I still don't feel better. I have this annoying cough that only wants to act up when it's sleep time. So, I've barely slept this past week and a half. Fucking brutal. Each night I gauge how good my sleep was by comparing it to the night before.
"I slept much better tonight. Maybe even 4 hours.. better than last night."
Nevermind getting like 7-8 hours of sleep straight. I forget what that is even. Each night I think to myself, tonight is the night. I'm tired, the coughing is less... but what happens? I lie down and cough city. Terrible. I am so so tired. I think my abs hurt from coughing. My FACE hurts from coughing. Honestly, I'd rather be barfing for a week than hacking my brains out. Seriously.

I also feel like I'm getting fatter. I can totally see it in my belly. I HATE not being able to work out. I want to be able to wear my velvet dress for the Christmas party.. but I bought it at a nice thinner time, and I'm skurd Imma look like a sausage heffer in it. I just want to feel normal again.

3 banana pancakes. You know the ones.

At work:
more coffee, more banana cakes.

piece of chicken breast, half a sausage, bowl of mixed berries/honey.

Now, I'm not busy at all and I want to eat for no reason. I might go home, I'm exhausted and could use a nap.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

off track

I have fallen off track harrrrd.
Last weekend was too boozy. There was pizza ordered at an ungodly hour, I had two slices and immediately slept. BAD. Then had eggs benny at a pub for breakfast + most of a caesar. BAD. definitely ate some mini chocolate bars AND an ice cream sandwich. BAD. I managed to steer clear of the fajita shells, but I had sour cream/cheese on my makeshift fajita salad. Meh. Funny how when I try so hard for weeks and feel good, a few bad choices seem to erase all my hard work. Not to mention I haven't worked out in over a week now. This is due to sickness and work. I guess we all need a break sometimes. Working too much + sickness also throws the eating off track. My grocery situation was shit all week, my meals not balanced and not eating the right things. When you're sick, preparing meat heavy dishes is not a priority. Eating what is available, is.

Right now it's 3:38am Saturday morning. My sore throat is much less sore, mostly gone actually. But now this sickness has migrated to my chest and I keep waking up coughing. To the point where I'm now sitting in the kitchen drinking a gross Neo Citran, in hopes it will suppress it and allow me to sleep. Did I mention it's expired? Only buy a month or two. Desperate times..My sleeps the past few nights have been minimal, and not due to my usual insomnia. This time it's coughing, weird dreams and sweats. I was having a pissed-off-at-jamie dream just now. We were fighting, it was frustrating.

When this is all done, I'm going back hardcore. Fuck this. I felt great eating the way I did during the challenge. Of course the non drinking lack of social life was mega depressing, but so is booze. So.. might as well have the odd good night instead of hermitting. I can't hermit too much, sorry.

I should get back on noting my foods and exercise, too. It's good for my brain to see what I'm consuming and what I'm doing about my muscles. Also mega slacking in this writing class. Clearly, I hate learning. I can't do classrooms anymore. I could do a craft class of some sort, and art class. I realize writing is art, but it's not the art I'm used to. It's not visual. I enjoy writing, but I enjoy it on MY terms. Assignments don't interest me. Or do they? Perhaps I'm not taking as much advantage of this class as I should. But gimme a break, it's my first writing class, my first time back in a class like this since college which was like 8 years ago. Whoa.

I want to squeeze yoga in once a week now that the cold weather has arrived. I've got a few more classes at the hot yoga gym nearby, myaswell use them. When those are done, I'll consider trying non-hot yoga. I need to learn more about this zen/meditation thing. I love crossfit, I like running when it suits me, but class exercises are just weird sometimes. Always feels like a competition. yeah, I get it, you're good at yoga, calm down. You're also 110 lbs, 5'5", gimme a break. Watch out while Arnold over here tries this graceful thing. I do suck.

Also, I hate my hair. Who let me cut it off?! Never satisfied, this girl. I have an ugly 90s teacher mushroom cut happening right now. I know I'm supposed to cut it in order for it to grow... but when you want longer hair, this concept seems retarded. I keep pushing off my appointment to 'clean up the back' but then I keep thinking, well if I cut it.. then it has to grow more to get back to that length! Eff. It's ALMOST bob worthy. I say by January but really do I have to go through Christmas with ugly in-between hair? I enjoy my slick back hair, I watched a few tutorials on pompadours. Tomorrow (today) when it becomes day time, I'm going to maybe walk to shoppers and check out the pomade situation. Apparently the modern greasers use pomade. I want to perfect the pomp while my hair growz.

Update: I went back to bed and woke up at 10:30, oblivious to the time. I could have slept longer. I'm having a weird sharp lower left back pain..not sure what that's about. I think I need a massage. I think my belly is getting fatter again. Fuck!

K, banana fake pancake time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


i'm sick right now. i had a terrible sleep, woke up with a super sore throat at god know what hour.. tossed and turned, was uncomfortable, mildy feverish. the sore throat kind of went away in the morning, but its still here now. i hate that i feel like i can't call in sick because there is no one here. what the fuck. if i don't feel better later, not coming in tomorrow. I need to sleep.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Let's get back on track.

frozen berries, 1/2 fried banana w/cinnamon, coconut/cashew butter, 1/2 banana pancake leftover. All in a bowl. Yummy. + flax.


leftover pot roast + carrot/sweet potato mash

i had 2 beers yesterday and i can see it in my belly.

Friday, October 19, 2012


tonight is my final official night of th 5 week, Get Real challenge. Basically "Whole 30". Look it up.
I get measured tomorrow. Then in the evening, going out for dinner to celebrate. Well, I'm celebrating anyway, with a glass or two of wine or beer and a delicious Irish pub dinner. This does not mean I want to go back to "normal" eating after tomorrow. It means I know what I should eat, I love crossfit and if I want to improve I must continue. Although I don't want my social life to suffer as much, it is literally depressing. I like going out with my coworkers and friends for some drinks. Kill me for being a normal social being and I'm not 50. I have no kids, I have a career and I'm in good health. Going to live while I can without compromising my fitness/health. Word.

Don't feel like writing all I ate. I just got back from crossfit and I'm making some proteing powder pancakes. I'm flying solo so I'm making whatever pleases me.

1 ripe banana, mine was quite spotty
2 eggs
1 full scoop of whey isolate powder - unflavoured/unsweeted of course
splash of vanilla
1/3 cup ground flax
1/2 tsp baking soda
some shakes of cinnamon - hearty shakes
few dashes nutmeg
few dashes ground allspice
few chugs of salt
splash of coconut milk

whip that up with your whisk.

pan fry on medium. The look like real pancakes, guys. I think I've discovered the BEST "healthy" pancake recipe, no joke. Put butter on them, melt some frozen berries, coconut butter, almond butter. The possibilities are endless and they are amazing. I'm eating all of them.

Final Friday

I truly want to drink tonight. Just to be social. But I know it will bloat me for tomorrow.

I don't know what's going on, but I'm not sleeping well lately. I wake up numerous times, toss and turn. I hate it. :(

2 eggs, 1/2 red pepper, 1/4 avocado

Coffees at work

some grapes

1 hungarian sausage, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Final Wednesday

Sleep was FUCKING ASS POO SHIT. Insomnia is the worst, if you haven't had it, you won't understand.

I wanted to go to the gym this morning, I even had motivation because other people from work were gonna do the same and we all would meet after. But since I got like 4 hours of sleep, that just didn't happen.

2.5 eggs + mushrooms + 1/4 avocad and some salami

remember when i said I'd try and starve my last week? didn't. Also, that's kind of cheating I guess.

Snacked on veggie chips

curry chicken + squash

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final Tuesday.

I don't know if you've noticed but I'm loving that this is the final week of my challenge. Not because I will pig out (yes I will, Saturday night only) but because I will feel accomplished - although I did have a few glasses of wine and ate desserts at Thanksgiving. I still think I've done well.

Sleep was ok. If I went to bed earlier, it would have been better.

I made a layered bowl of the following - frozen berries (heated) / coconut butter / paleo banana pancakes / almond butter / butter butter / cinnamon

SO GOOD. It was tart yummy comfort food that wasn't eggs. GO! And so far I'm not hungry at work. Werk it.

Food for the day:
Chicken wings / squash.

Apple probably with maca butter.

Chocolate salty balls recipe:

• dates - no pits, I say 2 handfuls - make sure you check each date, sometimes they miss some when taking pits out and it can wreck your food processor blade / chop them first to help the processor

• about 2 handfuls of almonds or other nuts - not PEAnuts.
• splash of vanilla
• pinch of salt
• dash of cayenne pepper
• small handful coconut shreds - unsweetened
• like a tablespoon of coconut milk/almond milk or even just water - it helps them stick into balls
• 2 big tablespoons of cocoa powder

put the dates in, process a bit. add the nuts/coconut / process until small bits / add salt/cayenne/cocoa / pulse a bit / add your vanilla and bit of liquid. process until everything is small, like dirt.

make sure its sticky enough to make balls - grab a bit and pinch it, it should stick together. if not, add a bit more liquid - just a bit! and pulse again. does it look like soil? good!

when you think its sticky enough (it shouldnt be wet), transfer to a bowl and make balls. if you want to get fancy you can roll the balls in cocoa powder like truffles. and sprinkle some coarse salt on top. YUM!
you can put any nuts and seeds in this. i added flax seeds to my last batch and I felt pretty good about that. as long as everything sticks together, your food processor is your oyster, you can make all kinds of healthy energy balls like this.. use cashews..walnuts, hemp seeds, chia... even skip out on the cocoa and make them just vanilla! oooooooh!
but go easy they're addictive and although made with healthy ingredients, dates are super high in sugar.
mm now i wanna make some but i know i'll eat them all.

rogan josh + carrots + cucumber + spinach

Monday, October 15, 2012

The final countdown

This is the last work week of the challenge. It's funny, on the weekend I was thinking, I've been living like this for 4 weeks now, I can't see myself going back. I don't want to stop learning new paleo recipes and I don't want to go back to my old ways. I'm ok with never making rice or using dairy in my foods. I will eat cheese and treat myself when I feel a treat is needed and I won't make friends or family adjust their foods when I'm invited over. But everything in my control will be just that  - in my control, and if I feel like eating popcorn and butter one night, I shall. Cuz you know what will happen? I'll poo it out and move on with my life.

I can't wait to have a drink Saturday night. So what. You can't wait to eat ice cream I can't wait to have a drink. Both are vices and I'm not sorry.

My plan is to workout Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat. Let's try and stick to it, yeah?

Sleep wasn't bad. I had bizarro dreams again.

2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, salsa, spinach.

Brought with me today:
leftover rogan josh/cauli mash/squash

1 apple

1 orange

some homemade coconut butter.

I plan on eating all of these things.

I dyed my hair on the weekend. I like it, it's a great time for dark hair. It's a semi permanent dye, because I was afraid to commit and I did it from a box (for the first time). Since my hair is short its the best time to experiment with colour - but i'm not bleaching it or highlighting it until it gets longer because bleach causes breakage and I can't afford that when I'm growing it out. I must admit I can't wait til my hair is bob-length. I am having cutters regret, I should have just gotten a shortER haircut and dyed it to satisfy my makeover needs. The good news is, it grows longer each day and I reckon it will be bob-ish by January. I've got a hair appointment in a week and a half and I'll get her to clean up the back but leave the rest.

That is all. Yay mondane.

Pre workout:
cashews and dates - so friggin good i could eat that combo til I feel sick. I'm srs.

Crossfit - felt geeeewwwwwd. Deadlifted 150lb x3. mint.

7 chicken wings, stir fried 1 red pepper/mushrooms, on top of spinachi.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last Sunday. LAST!!

I almost caved and made myself a martini last night. Almost. If I can make it to Saturday sans booze it will be a milestone - two weeks without a drop. Elle oh Elle. I don't have a problem, I just really like wine, beer and other alcohol. Sorry for being a spectacular human with Western/Northern European roots! And if you want to get technical I'm black just like everybody else.

Can't be bothered to catch up from Wednesday's post, just know that there were zero cheats, and two crossfit sessions since. I am addicted to crossfit sometimes. I just love it and feel great after. Just like my fren reen, I look forward to working out. Kill me for giving a shit why don't you!! It's better than expanding on my couch which is what I do at other times. I'm looking forward to a social life once again though. I gota hit up bulk barn today for some nuts and coconuts - I'm making coconut butter today.

Sleep was great, I had wicked bizarro dreams.

South African sausage + coffee + spoonfuls of coconut butter. Worries about the fat content in coconuts? Read this and shut your face:

Don’t be deterred by the high fat content of coconuts, the saturated fat in coconut is made up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids the body quickly turns into energy instead of storing as fat. Therefore, even though it’s high in saturated fat, coconut can aid in weight loss. Half the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut are composed of lauric acid, which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Coconut can help boost the immune system.

I don't want to hear people complain about natural foods that are high in fat being bad for you. Change your thinking, just because that type of fat is called fat doesn't mean it makes you fat. Fat shouldn't be called fat is should be called carbs. Maybe then you'd adjust your meals.

I have a hankering for hot yoga. Yes I just said "hankering". I may go to the 3:30 class today since I can't run in this miserable weather. Speaking of running in miserable weather, kudos to those running the Toronto Marathon today. If I trained for that shit and woke up to this today, I'd be pissed.

Happy Sunday! I think I'll make Rogan Josh or Carnitas tonight.

went shopping, hit bulk barn and sobeys.

I made Beef Rogan Josh for dinner w/cauli mash + roasted squash/beets DELISH

Made some coconut butter and had that over frozen berries as a snack. Well I microwaved it all so it wasn't frozen and added cinnamon. DANGEROUS. It's funny, a year ago I would be all over that snack, thinking I could eat it all kinds because it's just fruit. I didn't know that fruits could inhibit weight loss because of the sugar content. Sometimes learning new things sucks.

During the day:
Apple/almond butter was eaten. Also some salami.

I didn't go to yoga or exercise at all. I didn't want to wash my hair til Monday so I avoided sweating it up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Second-last Wednesday

K, one more Wednesday to go of this madness. It's not that bad actually, its just inconvenient for social reasons.

Sleep was shit again. What's happening??

2 pumpkin pancakes (w/butter + coconut butter):
3 eggs
few spoons of pumpkin puree
bit of coconut flakes
spoonful of coocnut flour
bit of baking soda
splash of coconut milk

they were actually pretty good!
+ few slices ham

spaghetti squash + 1/2 chicken breast + coconut milk curry stuff I made + 1/4 avocado

Afternoon snack
1 apple + maca butter + raw cacao chips

few potato chips made with avocado oi - they were good

other half of chicken breast
1/4 avocado
some plantain chips

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second last Tuesday!

Okay only one more tuesday to go.

Weekend had some cheats, can't lie. But I did run twice and crossfit once. I feel good about everything in that regard.

Sleep was absolute shit, has to do with a cheat yesterday. Fuck! Bad sleeps ruin everything.

2 slices ham, carrot muffin thing.

At work:
Coffee then apple w/maca butter

scotch egg / spinach / tomato / half avocad.

attempted to eat a crappy apple/ failed/

scotch egg + carrots

making some chicken breast/coconut milk concoction. Seems good, I'll let you know how it turns out. I freestyled a recipe I was inspired by from the net. This is for the rest of the week lunch/dinners.

It was good.

I have a bunch of pumpkin puree leftover, so I made a punpkin spice latte with coco milk and rooibos tea. it was ok.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long weekend

Two more weeks to go on this challenge. Less than two weeks now actually. YESSSSSSS. I have been 100% on this when it is in my control. I did eat out once but I managed to choose all veggies, some had sugar but I'm not sweating about it. I've had a few glasses of red wine over these 3 weeks, what can I say, I'm weak and love that ancient Jesus juice.

Yesterday was thanksgiving with the family. There was lots of cheese, snacks, booze and of course thanksgiving dinner. I steered clear of the cheese platters and even the gluten free crackers. I did however, have one of my brother's bacon wrapped bbq'd stuffed jalepeno poppers. (stuffed with cream cheese). I figured I'd regret NOT having one. It was SO good. That was my first bite of cheese in three weeks. And it didn't upset my stomach one bit - SCORE. I'm not complaining that my body can tolerate these things, in fact, it's awesome.

I only had the meat and certain veggies for dinner. Didn't have any of the cheesie broccoli or super sweet yams. My cousin made some kickass pulled pork which had sugar in it of course, but.. no regrets. I had like 2 and a half glasses of red wine. Also didn't regret that because I wasn't feeling fat yesterday. I'm just not that strong I guess and I'm not beating myself up for it. But then dessert came out. - keep in mind I haven't had bread or gluten in three weeks. My niece made oreo/cream cheese chocolate truffles. I said no. My brother brought "sticky fingers" (cinnabon style treats) I said no. My brother made two layer pumpkin pie cheese cake with french whipped cream on top - I caved. And it was fucking awesome. Then I had a small piece of berry pie - and it was fucking awesome too. I did feel a bit of guilt for crashing on the sugar/gluten thing - but I'm pleased to tell you it didn't upset my stomach. This is fantastic because when I get back to normal I'll be sure to live 80/20 on this diet without having to worry about feeling sick over certain foods. The only thing was I noticed my heart raced a bit from the sudden sugar jolt. I was mostly concerned over my quality of sleep because of this. But I stopped eating at like 7p and my sleep went undisturbed. Cool!

Today I'm going for a run to repent for my naughty sins. That's fine. I'm warning you these next two weeks will be hardcore and I'll do bad things in order to show a difference in my body for the final weigh in.


breakfast: coffee

RUN TIME - cold weather run here I come.

Also I made those carrot/banana/pumpkin muffins everyone was raving about. They are too eggy - like a carrot spiced omelette. Fuck that.

I think when this challenge is done I'm gona look at those protein baked goods where they include protein powder n shit. These eggy ones are gross and boring. I have a bunch I need to eat still. sigh.

This afternoon I grocery shop, clean, rent a movie, cook pork carnitas, chill.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wed #3

My sleep was bad, I had a hard time falling asleep for two reasons:
too much caffeine during the day
accidentally ate sugar. a friend at the gym gave me a bag of trader joe's coconut flakes. I ate some at home, thinking how yummy and sweet they were.. then I look at the ingredients - there's sugar in them!!! uigggghhhhhh.

Anyway, won't make that mistake again.

Sleep was disruptive because of that and cramps.. see I was right with my previous night's sleep prediction. I knew I'd get it. Very in tune with my body.

I woke up extra early (read: on time) and started my chili which is slow cooking as we speak. I'm making the chocolate chili from Well Fed, it's gonna be facking awesome. I'd like to make biscuits but I'm going to my writing class tonight. Might have to wake up early and make them tomorrow. I totally will.

2 scrambled eggs, 3 dates, almonds.

Going to get an expensive americano. Hey, if I can't have booze, let me have coffee.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday #3

Sleep was not good. I think (HOPE TO GOD) I'm getting my period soon, you need to know that.

I'm sick of eggs, so I had salmon/stirfry

Snack at work:
honeycrisp apple w/maca butter. Honeycrisp apples are the frickin best. SO perfect.

Metting my friend for lunch, we'll see what Marché has to offer this gyal.

Lunch at Marché:
small mixed salad plate consisted of - cinnamon/honey pumpkin, spicy sweet pumpkin, brussels + bacon, olives, salmon + leek salad, zucchini. The pumpkin part is a fail, but sometimes its hard to control these things in restaurant scenerios.

Americano from bucks after. I'm addicted right now.

cashew lara bar. I need to not buy these, I eat them right away.


aw jeez there's a pic of me on the CF website. I am scowling but I wasn't doing it on purpose!! we laughed about that pic, Leah and I.

A. push press 5×3@80-85%, rest 2min - 65lb

4 sets of:
30 sec Battling Ropes
30 sec Rest
30 secs Mountain Climbers
30 secs Rest
30 secs Flutter Kicks
30 secs of Rest

Mountain climbers aren't for tall people.

Dinner was a piece of roast beef w/salad.

Monday #3

Only two more Mondays left in the challenge. I have to say I'm not noticing much of a difference in my body. Perhaps I should eat less. I'll step it up the last two weeks.

2.5 eggs, coffee

steak and onion sausage w/squash and sweet potatoes
apple w/maca butter

coconut Lara bar

Pre Crossfit:
1/2 orange, few almonds/dates


A. deadlift 3×5 ramping, drop 20-25% from top set for 2×8. - went up to 135, then 105 for the last set.
B. group metcon, used 15's, next time i'll use 20's. Also, doing pullups on a time limit is fucked because I waste ten seconds getting myself in the bands. I need to practice chins/pullups more cuz I'm going nowhere with them.

Stiryfry which was overcooked and some salmon.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where was I?

When did I last post? Thursday or Friday? I don't know, who cares. We went to the cottage this weekend to do some fixings. I fixed nothing but a fantastic pot roast on Saturday. I brought up stupid almonds to snack on while everyone had munchies and beer. I almost cracked and had a beer. I was THISCLOSE to having one. Jamie said 'no, you're doing so good..' so I didn't have a beer. But I did have a glass of red wine with my roast dinner. It's kind of mandatory. SORRY!!!

Ok, let's take it from the top.

Friday night:
Almonds, cashews, olives.
piece of a huge honey crisp apple. FYI honeycrisp apples are the bomb.


Saturday breakfast:
3 scrambled eggs - I had to make my own since my brother puts milk in his. I was a snobby bitch.

cold cuts, olives, pickles?

honeycrisp appleness

Let me tell you.. those beers looked like drugs. I died.

Pot roast, squash, peas, sweet potatoes. And that secret I mentioned earlier.

Breakfast Sunday:
scrambled eggs, butcher's bacon, coffee.

Someone posted a yummy tea on the CFQ FB page - coconut milk, earl grey tea, vanilla. Do I have EG tea? I'll check. Sounds goooood.

So, as far as food goes, I stuck it out and suffered all weekend. I weakened with the glass of red at dinner. If it makes you feel better, I didn't enjoy it as much because I couldn't drink lots of it.

Big salad at lunch w/stuff in it. I'm getting lazy right now. My writing class starts this Wednesday! New adventure. Do people bring notebooks to class these days? Or just laptops? I'm serious.

Ran 5k and struggled, but the weather was great for it.

steak and onion sausage + squash/sweet potatoes + spring mix

Coconut milk tea - steeped in a pot on the stove. I am going to Essence today to get some more decaf herbal tea. I know I complained about herbal tea, I've yet to find good ones. I like Rooibos though.. We'll see. I just like blowing money at that store.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday #2

3 more to go.

Sleep was medium. I woke up a few times to flop over here and there.

2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 a red pepper sauteed.

Snack at work:
mixed fruit - from a platter: strawberries, melons, pineapple + maca butter. Like candy!!

TBD. I think I want a piece of chicken from FnW + one of their salads. We'll see.

Oh, we're going to the cottage this weekend. I'm not eating junk or boozing if that's what you're thinking.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday #2

Only 3 more to go... UGH. I was invited to a creative beer sesh. How am I supposed to do that? I'll be so boring.

I'm a great person and I don't need alcohol to socialize. People like me I am funny.

Sleep was not good. Disruptive, too much on my mind.

2 eggs, 1/2 avocad (had to finish it) + 2 meatballs. they're done now. Big breakfast.

spoonful of cashew butter.

tuna salad from fusaro's. Hold the boccancini. :(

boring tea

I'm looking forward to.. nothing actually. Weekend can kiss my ass.

Actual Snack:
bag of "lime" flavoured plantain chips from FnW. They're really good but a bit of an indulgence I guess.

At home "dinner".
2 pieces of banana bread. One had ghee one had coconut butter. I love the smell of ghee. it reminds me of brampton indian times.

Went to an engagement party, I drove since I'm not drinking. OK this non drinking is getting old. I'm almost over it. Seriously. But I do sleep much better - fall asleep faster without sugar in my life. That's awesome.

I had a soda water with lime at the 'do. Then when I got home I ate half a cucumber and some olives.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday #2

Sleep was ok.

2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, salsa, bit of spinach

At work
zuch muff + maca butter (just a bit)

meatballs + stirfry leftovers

apple w/maca butter

I'm having a hard time not eating like I said I would. I'll have to cut back on the fats - i know fats are good but still.

4 meatballs, half a cucumber, 2 pickles, 1/4 avocado

I'm making banana bread. "paleo" - but really just grain-free, since baked goods are never really paleo. What's with me and baking when I'm on a challenge? I found a recipe online, I wanted to avoid using honey but I tasted the batter and it tasted blech so I threw some coconut palm sugar in it. Shit!

I'll let you know how it turns out.




Banana Coconut Muffins

Ingredients (makes 12 small or 6 large)

- 2 Tbsp coconut oil
- 4 Tbsp coconut milk
- 1/2 Cup coconut flour
- 2 Tbsp raw honey or maple syrup
 or coconut sugar (as used on TV)
- 1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract
- 3 eggs
- 1 tsp aluminum free baking powder
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 2 whole mashed bananas (very ripe)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350
  2. In a bowl, mix together coconut flour, salt, baking powder, coconut milk, vanilla extract, bananas and eggs
  3. Melt the coconut oil and honey/maple syrup (if using coconut sugar, simply add it…no need to melt) and then slowly add it to the mix.
  4. Mix together thoroughly and pour into greased (use coconut oil) muffin baking pan.
  5. Bake for about 20-30 minutes – check after 20 minutes because you might have a better oven.  You want to be able to stick a fork into the middle and have it come out dry.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday # 2

Sleep was meh. Got woken up by J coming home at like 3am - from work! barf. So, sleep wasn't optimal. Let's hope tonight is better. Not gonna eat so late again though.

3 bora bora meatballs + guac + 1 tomato

At work:
zucchini muff + cashew butter

3 bora boras w/spinach and spaghetti squash.
too many bora boras?

banana + MACADAMIA nut butter. ohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiit. It's good. Naturally sweet.. I've gota cut back on the nut butters. Every other day starting NOW!

zucchini muff before CF.

Metcon kicked my ass

meatballs + stirfry (red pepper, onion, mushroom, garlic, water chestnuts - with flavours)

Note to self

I have too many bananas in my freezer and one on the counter currently ripening. I'm making paleonana muffins when my zucchini/apple ones are done. This recipe has very little honey in it. Might give it a whirl.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #2 - Monday

I'm ok with this suffering. I'm getting used to it actually. My only vice is booze. It's really hard to give up and I want it. Beer.. mmmm.

Sleep was kind of shit.. I blame the black tea I had and some sugars. FML. Also I was having crazy dreams, I dreamt I saw a plane crash in Brampton and it looked like it was around my parent's area. I woke up before I could call to see if they were ok. FRUSTRATING. Then a helicopter crashed right beside the bus I was on. I told the bus driver to step on it cuz I was afraid the helicopter would explode. Fucking scary stress dreams.

2 egg omelette w/mushroom, spinach and guac

at work:
coffee + failed muffin w/bit of cashew buttah

leftover rogan josh - can't wait! omg I just realized it's 12 - this day is flying. GOOD.

Crossfit tonight + maybe some meatballs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Saturday Paleo Challenge

"paleo" pancakes with berries and coconut milk.

Eating that is not ideal. It's high in (natural) sugars, I don't want to keep going through withdrawal. I won't make it again.

Moroccan meatballs from Well Fed.

We had family over. There was a lot of temptations: cheese, chips, peanuts, hummus, red pepper dip, wine.. I refrained. It wasn't too hard.

But later on I had some red wine. I'd say about two glasses, maybe three. It fucked up my sleep and I woke up with a headache at like 6am. Not worth it. Not slipping again. I swear.


Stupid wine ruined my sleep. Fuck it!!!!!!! Why did I do that?! I'm way stronger than that and I'm using stress as an excuse. A poor, poor excuse. Not doing that again!! (during the challenge. Life... well we'll see). When I look back at the previous challenge, I spent a week in Jamaica. There was drinking. This time around, I only fucked up once. And I'm going 100% clean the next 4 weeks.

leftover fake pancakes with coconut butter/almond butter.

We have a HUUUUGEE bag of "muchies" in the cupboard - like, a fucking club pack - I think it weighs about 4 pounds. I want to eat the bag. uuugggghhh. Also someone brought over smokey bacon Lays chips (I love those!!). It's not opened.. but.. I want that too. :( AND my mom made home made peanut butter cookies. I put them in the freezer, you're goddam right I'm eating those in one month. There is a home made 'pina colada' cake in my fridge too - didn't have any of that either. This takes strength, but I know it's not worth it at this point. One fuck up with wine is all I'm allowing myself.

I was a bit of a snacking pit Sunday. Healthy things, yes. Some dates, guacamole, carrots.. I made some paleo muffins (fail) they were zuchini/apple. I put one extra egg by mistake and fucked it up. I also might have been skint on the honey. Trying to not get into any sugars.

Beef Rogan Josh from Well Fed. SO GOOD.
with spaghetti squash and spinach.

had like two of those failed muffins. No regrets, they're small.

had two teas, both had coconut milk. I accidentally bought sweetened coconut milk. Ugh.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 6

Sleep was fine, can't complain.

half banana, some berries and coconut milk protein smoothie
some stuffed pepper + cauli rice

At work:
fruit + cashew butter

piece of salmon
squash and other orange things salad

Apple w/cashew butter

had a few pieces of honey dew melon.

it was tame, no metcon and I suck at chin ups.

mashup of spinach, rest of stuffed peppers - fried up!

Note to self: cauliflower makes me gassy. It's either the cauliflower or the hot sauce. Stand by.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 5 - Challenge

Sleep was pretty good. No sugar makes me sleep better. Woke up at 6am (barf). My arms are a bit sore from benches/rowing.

1 egg
kale + meat mix
1/2 avocado

At work:
few pieces of fruit from a fruit tray + cashew butter
warning: today contained a lot of fruit. :(
who knew fruit would warrant a sad face!

leftover kale slop + other half of stuffed pepper from yesterday
spoonful of coconut butter

Afternoon snacks consisted of:
1 chocolate lara bar
more fruit + cashew butter

Today was a bad day for snacking - healthy snacks yes. But high sugar if you want to get all paleo technical about it. I wasn't that busy so I ate. Maybe I should just be swamped all the time, then I won't eat things.

Crossfit kicked my ass. Front squats @ 85lbs.
The metcon was brutal:

5 sets for time:
10 burpees
20 Wall ball
30 double unders

I absolutely cheated on the burpees. I got to a point where I was just walking down to the ground and walking up. So, what's the point of doing burpees if you're not really doing them? Also, 100 wall balls?? Are you jokes guy?! I didn't cheat on the wall balls or jump ropes. It was the burpees. I'd still be there now if I didn't skip maybe..8 burpees :)

Anyway. My sugar detox is over. Or maybe all that fruit just restarted my fucking detox and I have to do it all over again. Who knows. All I know is my throbbing headache is gone and I have more energy than I did Mon-Wed. I don't know if that has to do with the amount of sleep I got or the detox. Whatever. Anyway... tomorrow's Friday! Going for a run with my friend Julie, I'm thinking we'll do a 6k.

Spinach salad with apples
Leftover cauli-rice

small spoon of coconut butter! small!!

Off track

I am so completely off-track this week, it's ridic. I meant to go hardcore with fitness and food, but two super late nights at work smashed that dream. I'm going through sugar withdrawal like nobodies biz.. headache, depression, irritable, sensitive and TIRED. I haven't gone off paleo yet, but it's only been 4 days. I managed to eat good proteins and veggies regardless of having to buy food for dinner Monday and Tuesday. I'm lucky to have a pricey health store nearby that serves hot foods. A nice piece of fresh salmon and chicken fed me both nights.

Let's do Wednesday onwards, since Monday and Tuesday were a blur.

Fuckall + coffee (woke up late, rushed out door - ungh)

At work:
Apple w/cashew butter. Cashew butter is the new almond butter. I think I prefere AB though.

Bit of leftover broccoli salad + few antipasto bits n bites.

Jamie made a great paleo version of stuffed peppers. They turned out really good.
Ate half of one + the cauli rice.

Carrots + guac

Bench + rows. I was out of shape from my 3 week break, plus pounding headache from no sugar. Not giving in!!!

kale + ground beef + cauli (from the peppers)
half banana protein smoothie w/coconut milk and water

Went to bed at 10:30, probably fell asleep around 11.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Challenge Day 2

Sleep was ok but I was woken up by a 5am pee courtesy of JM. Couldn't get back to sleep, my mind wouldn't stop going so I friggin got out of bed at like 6. Fuhhhh.

2.5 egg omelette w/mushrooms
handful sauteed spinach
dollop of guacamole I made yesterday

3/4 apple with cashew butter. it was a big apple.

2 sausages, squash.

carrots + guac

fingers crossed i can make it to cf tonight.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paleo Challenge Round 2

Yesterday was supposed to be day 1 of the new challenge, but since a delayed flight made us miss our connecting flight home, we had to stay in London for a night. Which meant a free meal at the restaurant + free breakfast then airline food. I'll just consider that an extended vacation of one more day. I wanted to be strict with my eating the moment we landed but we were hungry and ended up getting portuguese chicken in brampton. I tried getting a quarter chicken with salad but they are the chicken nazis and it doesn't work that way. But I did get those little round potatoes. Paleo fail, but at least it wasn't bread or anything. IT's just a naughty vegetable.

So here's what I had the moment we came home onwards:

1/4 chicken Portuguese Churresqueira dinner with potatoes. It's so good.
Tetley tea with a bit of coconut water in it (?).

I refrained from the cookies that were offered and booze. I drank some wine on the plane and ate their chicken dinner - which was a little piece of white meat, veggies, rice and gravy. Not horrible. But I are the oat cookie and pasta salad. All faileo but like I said, it's on NOW.

We have no food in the house, of course. Just things rotting in the fridge. I'm doing a healthy shop this afternoon, lots of greens, meats, eggs and maybe 2 avocados. I'm going hardcore guys, don't even think about offering me a sweet or a drink.

I plan on running today. I went to bed at 10pm last night and woke up today at 9:30. It felt really really good. I feel a bit groggy but perhaps a run will snap me out of it. I wanted to run with MA in the cemetery but she forgot her shoes at CF so I may go down to the lake. I need a good cardio session.

handful almonds, coffee (no food)

what shall I make for dinner? is it fall yet?

I went shopping, loaded up on my vegetables and meat for the week.

Afternoon Snacks:
some almonds, 2 pepperettes (which i don't recommend if you plan on running at all).
Carrots and guacamole

Ran 5.5k or so. I think it's actually 5.6, but I had to do some walking - not more than 30 seconds mind you. The whole thing took me like 40 minutes - yuck.

Butcher's sausage
roasted buttercup squash
spinach salad

I posted this on the challenge page, it doesn't look very appealing though does it? I didn't stage it properly. I should take fancy photos with my fancy camera and make everyone's mouth water.

When I make salads, I always make my own dressing. It is 3 parts olive oil, 1 part vinegar (so, 1/3 of the cup is vinegar, 2/3 is oil. just eyeball it.) Either balsamic or red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of grainy dijon, pinch of salt. If it's not made with those vinegars, I'll use a citrus fruit of some kind - but I don't add mustard to those ones, usually a herb of some sort like dill. The trick is to make sure your ratios are correct, you don't want too much vinegar, and you need to make it salty. The dijon is a must, and if you don't have any, use mustard powder - just a little bit though. yum yum.

For the buttercup squash, I got the idea from,. It's a good resource for healthy gluten free, grain free, sugar free recipes. The only thing that doesn't work with me is that a lot of her recipes are sort of Asian - not that I have a problem with Asian foods, but I don't have some of the ingredients on-hand. Like fish sauce. But some of her recipes, like the asian beef ones look so friggin good. I just might have to get some of that fish sauce. Also she uses a dutch oven - don't have one. I'm sure there are solutions and alternatives I could look up, but once I see "dutch oven" in the instructions, I bail on the idea.

I'm glad I went for that run, it was beautiful out. Monday I crossfit. Also, I bought hairdye from shoppers thinking I'd dye my hair. Got red and black since I couldn't decide, both semi permanent. I didn't do it because I don't know if I want to yet. I can't even decide on semi-permanent hair dye!! Also you should know I'm sick of my hair cut. That is all.

I bought some home waxing strips too because going to get waxed is inconvenient. I've done it before, and succeeded - I mean waxing ALOT off and my upper legs. But this time was a fail, I don't know if it was the wax or what.. I used Veet wax strips. I think it was goopy or something and it was also scented. Not keen on that for sensitive areas...I kept hurting myself. Damn. At least I got my legs did though. Too much info? You want to know that anyway.

Happy week everyone and happy fall! I know it's not fall but school is on - FACK! subway.. ugh.

k bye.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Home!

I will not even begin to try and tell you what I've consumed the past two weeks. Ok here is a brief summary:

Mussles, fries, croissants, mussels, fries, croissaints, eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, baquettes, cookies, fois gras, fish, wine, wine cider, cheese, wine, chocolate, cookies, chips, steak tartare, pizza, chips, fries, wine, shrimp, salad! creme brulee x2, ice cream, macarons, mini donuts..This was just France. Fack!

Fish, salad, oatcakes, cider cider cider guinness, wine, butternut squash, fries, chips, HOBNOBS, hunter's chicken (chicken with bacon and cheese) fries, chocolate bars, ginger beer a few times, calamari, meat pie, sticky toffee pudding, burger, risotto, ice cream, a pasty, banana, chicken curry, sushi.. that was Scotland.

I wouldn't be surprised if you don't recognize my fat face. The good news is in Edinburgh we did ALOT of walking, probably at least 20km accumulative. So perhaps I didn't gain too much here? I'm SO not reading that scale when I get home. Fuck that.

I'll blog my last day here, Friday September 14:

sleep was shyte.

1.5 hard boiled eggs
2 small cookies. They are like chocolate digestives, but from France :)

Why do I feel I can be a gluttunous pig on vacation? I only pay for it when I get back. I hate it but I still do it. Not getting depressed about it though.

This will be a day of airport food and I'm NOT eating the meal on the plane. barf.

We're having a new paleo challenge at the gym starting tomorrow. Why am I so excited for this? I'm going hardcore, that's why. There are talks of going to Florida over the Christmas break (Orlando area, MA! with the kids and all). But winning the challenge is more of a priority than looking good in Florida, although it helps.

I'm excited because I think it's fall and I can do fall cooking at home but it's still like 30º there. Not complaining. Protein and vegetables is all I'm eating for the next 5 weeks. No booze. Watch me. Reeeeeen I'll need support, I'm planning on having abs by the end of this and you're planning on fighting someone. Let's enter beast mode.

Anyway, this will be all til I get home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I lied

Not on hiatus.

Sleep was ok, but it's so hard getting up! gad!

2 eggs / spinach

at work:
apple with cashew butter. why have any other butter when you can have cashew butter?? you know when you eat a mix of nuts you pick out the cashews anyway.

grounds sausage in tomato sauce + spinach.

I am feeling super bloated and fadgy lately. Is it from my thursday night binger?? still? holy.
Well, I haven't been all that 'good' lately with food. I've had bread/pasta recently. My stomach was not happy about all that. Also, beer is always in our fridge and I keep drinking them. My bowels feel unhappy too.. ugh.

I should really go for a run tonight. It's been decided. Fuck you lazy self!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This may be my last post for a while. Things to do, places to see.

We are having another paleo challenge at the gym in September. I am going hardcore and winning. Motivation: gym membership. I can mildly starve myself for a month + workout lots. Watch me.

Sleep was awful. I blame the coffee I had after dinner. What was I thinking? We went to Ceili Cottage for dinner, we shared the terrine special. It was duck terrine. Good shit. I had the cod cakes + salad, Jamie had the meat pie (bison + sweet potato). That place is great but the selection is limited. But you're guaranteed a great dinner regardless. Also they have a nice patio which is pretty desirable. I wish I lived walking distance to a pub like that. The dessert special.. wait for it... nutella and bacon cheesecake. yeah that's right. We ordered it. It didn't taste like bacon, but had chewy bacon bits in it (ungh). It was a salty chocolate cake. Good though. We watched Braveheart later to get in the Scottish mood. Also shared a bowl of popcorn with beer.

skipped on the run due to shit sleep.

coffee, scrambled eggs, rice cake w/home made nut butter and maybe some chocolate chips on top.

hey, I need to fatten up a bit for the challenge so my change is more drastic ;P this shouldn't be a problem.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Sleep was not great. Not sure why. I kept waking up coughing though.. like a tickle in my throat that's been lingering for weeks now. Annoying. I think I need to clean the ceiling fan, I think there is too much dust on it.

2 eggs, 1/2 avocado

apple, coffee and 2 hershey kisses (to clean my palette between apple/coffee)

Half can of tuna, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 avocado + lemon juice

three small plums

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One more week, that's all I have to say.

Sleep was good, surprisingly.

I've been obsessing so much about my hair that I haven't even been able to enjoy the anticipation of our upcoming adventure. Mind switch! Excitement mode commences NOW. Fuck the PO-leese. And I'm having a good hair day. I'm learning, I'm learning and I'm CHOOSING my short hair. I'll explain this mindset in person, my friends.

I loved that blueberry + nut + coconut milk bowl so much that I had it for breakfast. I don't mean canned coconut milk, btw. I mean the one that comes in the tetra box, like almond milk. It's good. It's not heavy, its a bit more watered down. It tastes a bit shocking with the first bite, but with the cinnamon, crunchy nuts and cool blueberry bursts, it's quite delightful! (bahahha) I also sprinkled coconut shreds on it. I recommend it. Paleo cereal. No grains. Word up.

BUT, since I didn't have any protein, I'm friggin hungry already. And I can't stop thinking about getting an Americano and a snack from Sense Appeal.

scotch egg
small bowl of ketchup chips. what?

maybe another small bowl of k-chips later on.

Backsquats, front squats then..
3 rounds of..
30 wall ball
300m run.

I died.

smoothie and 2 Amish pepperettes.

I refrained from having a beer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

booby tuesdays

sleep was ok. 7/10.

2 eggs, spinach, 1/2 avocado

blueberries and a small banana

1 can of tuna which i sprayed all over my shirt. joy.
1 tomato and 1/2 avocado + lemon juice.

guys, I'm not feeling the best about my new hair/myself. I like it sometimes, and I don't. I can't say I regret it. But I do miss my long hair. I refuse to be sad about it.

I think I ate an apple


Crossfit: benches and 135lb prowlers. I didn't work up a good enough sweat. And my muscles don't hurt today. boo.

scotch egg made with sausage meat and bbq'd. fuggin geewwwwd. + simple spinach salad and a bit of goat cheese.

bowl of blueberries with coconut milk and bit of trail mix + cinnamon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

eim behind

sleep was ok

went for a lovely 6km jog yesterday with my 2 friends. One of them is new to running so we didn't go as hard as we could have. That's ok. Next week I'll give'er.

2 egg + sausage omelette


salmon, sweet potato + curried cauliflower + home made basil aioli inspired by BQM

Getting used to my haircut, gettin positive reviews by my buds and looking forward to all the styles I'll have in between now and next year.

May or may not crossfit tonight. I need to grab some things for our trip. A new TNA hoodie for one. Not because its TNA per sey, but because the length/sizing is perfect and my current black one's cuffs are mangled. Think I'll get a grey one this time. what what.

Maybe I'll even get myself some new lippy!

Should I bleach the top part of my hair?

Didn't go to crossfit.

"leftover salad" = sausage / veggies / spinach / blue cheese

later, some chocolate chips and rooibos tea.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tired tuesdays

Went to bed too late last night. But I did go to crossfit and set some new records for myself.

130lb backsquat 1RM
80lb push press 1RM

I did think I was going to die doing that backsquat.

2 rice cakes, home made almond/walnut butter/raspberries

feeling a little fat these days. That is all. Need to step it up or buckle down on food or else I'll come back from holiday looking and feeling like a marshmallow.

salad w/tuna, tomato, avocado, balsamic dressing

grazed on grapes throughout the day

Snack 4pm
small bowl of crunchy cheetos. It's foolish NOT to eat cheetos. fackaff.

Ran 5.3km, it was a great night for running, nice and cool.

beef brisket on a bed of greens, w/cheddar cheese and sautéed red peppers/mushrooms.
1 beer - Corona. Oi you! it's a Molson product.

3 graham crackers. lerv graham crackahs get them out of my house.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Sleep was AWFUL. I won't get into it.

2 rice cakes + pb/jam


1 boneless/skinless chicken thigh + sweet potatoes

1 apple + almond butter

Pre workout:
piece of Amish summer sausage, 1 lavash cracker + olives
I was starving

Crossfit. It was a nice small group, 6 of us. Good group. Good Metcon - airdyne sprints FML. They kill me. Backsquatted 120lb. x 2. Then 1 1/4's @ 85lb.

1 butcher's honey garlic sausage + green salad w/balsamic


Sleep was better, but not best.

protein smoothie - banana + berries + coconut milk + protein powder


Lunch is tbd. a salad of some sort. I would love to go to CF tonight, we have plans on checking out the AWOL art show. We wanna see if our stuff has been sold. I guess its the best night to go since it's gonna rain Thurs/Fri/Sat.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I haven't been eating the best lately, I've also not been feeling great. I hurt my neck at the gym. sometimes when I feel sickish, I eat more. this is one of those times.


small bowl of cheetos.

going to get some fruit for lunch.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

choose dee

Sleep was SHYTE. couldn't fall asleep for the longest time. ugh. I blame my lara balls.

"paleo" pancakes:
1 ripe banana, 3 eggs, 2 tbsp of almond butter, some coconut flakes + cinnamon
Split this with Jamie.

At work:
some grapes

leftover salmon + veg

Afternoon snack:
apple + AB

I've managed to lay off the sugar, aside from 2 graham crackers I just ate. only 7g per serving. Meh.


CF was tame, benched 1RM @ 80lb.
2@ 75lb

smoothie + cheese and graham cracker

Monday, July 30, 2012


Sleep was ok

2 eggs / spinach / 1/2 avocado

At work:

3 chicken wings, roasted veggies

apple w/almond butter

Jamie and I are gonna do whole 30 for the month of Aug, to prepare for our kaysh.

piece of salami

85lb 3RM front squats
Deadlift 3x3 @80% = 135lb
Metcon was good, should have used 20's instead of 15's. Also should have used a higher box. Next time.

bbq salmon fillet + veggies

3 lara balls - regrettable. Note to self: NEVER eat that stuff in the evening. I couldn't fall asleep!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sleep was pretty good. Woke up before my alarm, before my usual wake up after alarm time. So I got up and had breakfast. And maybe a small piece of cheesecake that Jamie made last night. It was caramely and fantastic. Not wise for breakfast but.. oh well.

2 eggs, spinach, 1/4 avocado
small piece of cheesecake.

At work:
1 plum, few almonds.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Sleep was really good, if you must know.

2 eggs, veggies / coffee

starburst jellybeans

some cheetos (Reen they are hidden!)
1 sausage + veggies

1 pep patty

pre workout:
small piece salami, some nuts + 3 dates, I was starvin marvin.


A. Back Squat 5×2 @ 85-88%, rest 2.2-5mins
B. Group Metcon:

Tabata Intervals of (20 seconds of given'er, 10 seconds of rest x8):
8 intervals of Wall Ball to 10/8ft target. Rest 1min
8 rowing, Rest 1min,
8 20m shuttle runs

kicked my arse, BIGTIME. no regrets.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Spent the weekend in St Jacobs. Took Jamie for his birthday - is bday isn't until next Friday, but I've got a softball game on Saturday so we went this weekend. I'll make him a nice dinner friday though. Gotsta keep that day special!

Ate many things, I won't even bother listing them all.

Sleep was shyte, both nights. We can't sleep in anything smaller than a king. Yes, we're spoiled.


Continental breakfast at the Inn. Whole wheat bagel + butter and peanut butter.

Went for a 5k run when I got home. I died. It was soooo fucking hot! took me like 40 minutes, I did more walking than usual. Still went though!

Post run:
protein smoothie + piece of summer sausage from the market.

Sausage / zucchini / corn on the cob / grilled nectarine / cheese

handful trail mix + some almonds + 2 dates

tea time, True Blood then Breaking Bad. Sunday's are good again! Except it's Monday tomorrow. FML.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I'm skipping the rest of my Tuesday post and all of Wednesdays. Can't be bothered. I did go to the gym and then eat ribs though. No regrets and I sweat like a muhfuh.

Went out last night, drank more than I wanted to. Once I start, I don't stop. Is that a problem? I want to quit doing alcohol (hahaha). seriously, although I love it and its fun, I truly believe my life would be better. Not my social life so much.... but, health life. Mental and physical. Fuck Why am I so weak? I always forget my own promises.

2 eggs, spinach

At work:
Americano, pep patty.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Slept pretty well last night, but no matter, I always have trouble waking up on time. Today I got out of bed at 7:21am.

I had bizarro dreams of golfing. I've never gone golfing.

2 eggs / coffee

I went and got some sausages from a butcher on Danforth/Broadview yesterday. 8 of them. Jamie was cooking and they all caught on fire and looked like a vampire charred on True Blood.

1 chicken sausage / veggies
few chips

2 small freezies

just want gelato.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I haven't posted since Thursday. Brief recap:

Work summer party at the racetrack. Many drinks/foods were consumed.

Later that night: and industry party. THE party I guess. Everyone is there and everyone gets shitfaced. Lucky for me I was drinking all day and didn't feel like drinking all night so I left at 9.30. Fun seeing friends though.

Friday felt a bit shitty, had a salad from Z-Teca for lunch. It was ok.

Dinner was sausages and veggies on the barbie.

not much of a breakfast, headed to cottage at 830am. ate half a cruller on the way and mixed nuts.

At the cottage (mind you it was a weekend of repairs + my mom and I were the only women out of 9)

Chips. Hamburgers (I had one without a bun) pre-made salads - think potato/coleslaw/macaroni. All very fatty and calorie dense. Whatever. Lots of beer/booze. I stopped the boozing Sat night when I looked in the mirror and my face and neck were all blotchy red. Allergic reaction to one of the boozes or the mixture of them all. I was hanging with the men of my family, we were up til about 1am talking.

bacon/eggs/rye toast/hashbrowns.

few pieces salami, macaroni salad/coleslaw/beer
few cookies

at home:
mixed nuts
half a sausage


This week I'm busy, I need to work on an art project and squeeze in workouts.

handful of almonds / coffee

at work, a small home made cookie
1 juicy nectarine

Fusaro's tuna salad. Best salad around the hood, I say.

a few hershey kisses. meh.

crossfit - it was good, hot and sweaty. not busy I guess because of the heat.

1 chicken sausage from Royal Beef + grilled veggies
piece of parm cheese, bit of blue cheese

1 light beer


Thursday, July 12, 2012


I went to bed starving last night... that smoothie for dinner was not enough for this beefcake. Also, my back was killing from the Romanian deadlifts I did at the gym, and then I sat on the floor doing my crafts. Bad idea. Should my back hurt after RDLs? Imma ax P. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but when I was doing it he was watching and saying "good".

4x8 @ 115lbs. Big tings.

Not getting enough sleep these days AT ALLLLLLLLL. Need to go to bed earlier, wind down earlier. It didn't help that my back was sore, I had to take an Advil.

Salami / spinach / gruyere cheese.

This afternoon weez hittin the races. Looking forward to it!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


sleep was better than the night before, but still not great.

eggs + spinach + gruyere cheese

half avocado at work.

lunch at java house:
avocado and brie sandwich and homefries (few cubed fried potatoes)

starbursts. maybe some hershey kisses. ugh candy at work is stupid.

Went to crossfit. bux jumped on a higher level. Made me feel good. I think I stink right now but I guess that's a sign of a good workout. Tomorrow is our summer party at work, its Kentucky Derby-themed and we're hittin up the races. Wish me luck! I'm making a super gay hat out of things I got at the dollar store. Its not for fashion whatsoever, but for a prize. I figure I'll be the only one putting effort into it, and that will win me my prize. Strategic thinking. It's the benefit of being one of the older girls, I don't have to look sexy cuz I already IS sexy even with a gay art teacher craft hat. hahahah I'm kidding. I bought myself another waxing kit. I can't be bothered to go to my girl at the moment and it's way cheaper doing it myself. It gets a bit complicated and takes a but longer but I succeeded last time. yeah I stink.

Ok, since I am taking this writing class in the fall, I'm thinking I'd like to start a NEW blog. I know I have my other one which I've abandoned, but I want to start fresh. I want a certain theme and I want to be consistent with my content. I'm thinking of making a craft/homestead blog. Also including life stories and funny anecdotes, but nothing too too personal or too crude. Help me think of an idea for a fresh new blog. I want good photos in it too.

protein smoothie. Time for shower and craft. Mama's breaking out the glue gun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


sleep was terrible

2 rice cakes, pb and berries

at work:
half an avocado

small bowl of chips

am i eating too much?

burg patty + veg, bit of leftover greek salad and olives

pep patty

small bowl of chips.

Crossfit kicked my ass slightly, my ass literally hurts right now. From the Turkish getups and yesterdays squats. I am absolutely zonked. I hope I sleep well tonight.

1 burger patty, salad, salami

lara bar (home made, small piece)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Case of the fuck yous.

Ugh. Man I need to lead a life of leisure. Or live on my dream farm with animals and crops. One day.. one day..

Sleep was meh.. had trouble falling asleep.. tossed and turned for quite a while. Maybe I should have gone for that run after all.

1 egg + mixed veg from BBQ yesterday.

At work:
2 Pastizzi (Maltese pastry filled with cheese and peas)
No regrets. And honestly, I want a third one.

Leftover soup from last week

Crossfit tonight. It looks intense (the Metcon) but I'm sucking it up and going. Stepping out of my comfort zone will only produce good results. And I may cry afterwards.

For time, 15min cut-off:
400m run
then 4 sets of:
10 burpee box jumps 

20 KB swings to chin
then, 400m run

I didn't die.

1 burger patty + salad

later some blueberries.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

not thankful it's Sunday

Wish it was Saturday.

Sleep was ok, nice and long.

Coffee, apple w/almond butter.

Later, 1 hard boiled egg.

Late lunch after a good shop:
salami, cheeses, rice crackers and pickles.

Made some lara bars, tasted them. They good.

BBQ'd beef/porl/veal patty w/ veggies

small bowl of Ruffles hot wing chips. Kinda tasted like alldressed, I prefer BBQ.

I did lots of chores today: Groceries, cleaned, laundry, BBQ'd and yard work. I was alone all day and got lots of shit done. I managed to spend some time outside with the yard work and got a bit dirty. Felt very productive and I'm happy the yard is cleaner. ALL the laundry is done, sheets and all. Feels great getting into freshly washed sheets on a Sunday night.

F-U Monday, though. F-U very much.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday the summerist.

It's a beauty out there today. I went to bed around 11 or 11.30 and woke up at 10. I could have slept longer but I wanted to make the 11am class. And I did. It wasn't too intense. My workout was meh, and the metcon didn't kill me. I used 15 lbs for the db push press (the squating ones) and ring rows instead of chins cuz I can't do them anyway.
12 / 15 / 9 of each. meh. There were a lot of people in the gym today because there were teams practicing for some crossfit competition. Seemed intense. Lots of running, rowing, wall balls and burpees. Fuck that.

Had an americano from the Primal Grind cafe which made an appearance at the gym. It was good. Also  some sort of lara ish nut ball. It was 2 bucks, what a rip off. But it tasted good with my coffee. I got my fat % measured again, and guess what... I've made more progess! Now I'm at 21.4%, before I was at 24.something % and when I first got measured I was 28.3%. I am very pleased with my results. I am at the low end of "normal" and just near the "athletic" range. Awesome. All the bitching I do and guilt I feel after poor food/drink decisions but I still make progress. This weight stuff works for me, it's just slower than I'd like. That's fine. I'll try and squeeze in some runs, maybe make use of that backpack I bought and run home sometimes. Summer also noted that my skin is loose. hahah.. yes. I am soft, my fat is not hard at all. It's all very soft. There was a big decrease in my stomach, back and quads...good areas to lose fat. Anyway, enough about that.

Breakast, post workout:
protein smoothie

Dinner at Ceilli Cottage on the patio with my aunt and Jamie:
2 cod cakes / green salad.
Some of aunties terrine, yum
bite of blood sausage... uhhmmm.

And of course, you can't go to the Ceilli without a friggin sticky toffee pudding for dessert. We shared it and it was fantastic. Great food like that is NEVER regrettable. Fuckit.

Now I am lazing on the couch. I don't feel like going outside.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Seriously, thank the lawd it's Friday. I drank a bit too much last night and sang karaoke with my coworkers. Of course I hogged the mic and performed for everyone.. don't let me do that!!

I plan on working out later. Fuck the heat and my hangover, I did it to myself. I can't wait to live in my farm house.

Protein smoothie and coffee. I had to force it down. If I didn't eat that (drink) I would have gotten McDonald's for sure this morning. I almost did anyway, but I went into Fresh n Wild and got a broccoli and bacon salad and a coconut water (MA's fave!! haha). It was really good and a much better choice than hash browns and an egg mc muff.

I really want a burger for lunch though. I brought soup... but I can't stop thinking about hamburgers. Maybe I'll save it for tomorrow and get a Priest burg!! yeahhhhh.

Hero burger and fries. Didn't eat all the fries though, they were mushy. I meant to get the GF bun but I forgot.

4 little plums. Love plums, me.

1 pep patty

at home, a small bowl of veggie soup, now I'm barbequeing some chicken wings for dins. Threw together a salad w/tomatoes, fresh basil from the porch "garden",.

Skipped the gym tonight, i'll go tomorrow and run sunday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

It's the new thing to say now. So I'm saying it to be cool for you two. Hey guys it's thirsty thursday lets go drinking !! wooooooooooo!

Tonight I will drink some gin, I've been craving it all day. It's those damn pregnancy cravings. Gin it is.

Sleep was meh again. Why am I having trouble sleeping this week? I think it's because I am slightly pms-ing. I say slight because it's over a week away. I also am running low on magnesium and I think it helps me sleep.

I set my alarm for 6.15am this morning so I could go for a run. Ask me if I went.

Also, I've been thinking about taking some writing courses. Those thoughts turned into actions this morning as I signed up for a creative writing course at U of T in the fall. Can't wait! Well, I CAN wait because I have 2 months of summer to enjoy, a weekend in St. Jacobs and a vacation in Europe. Let the good times roll. Let them roll slowly, though. So, since I'll be taking this class, I am going to do my best to practice better grammar with this blog and not type like I am texting or messaging online. Bring on proper punctuation and caps where caps are needed! Partaaaaaayyy!! I have a few reasons for taking this class. Firstly, I want to get into writing more. I didn't realize I enjoyed it until recently. I found myself wanting to write down funny and interesting things that happen in life or in my head. It makes me feel good writing it down and sharing with people, especially when I get some laughs. This roots back to my childhood when I wanted to be a standup comic when I "grew up". The shy's took over and that never flourished, I went to school for art and design instead and I wanted to make money for a living. Plus, I've always been irritated by female comics (aside from Cathy Griffin and Tina Fey). ANYWAY, another reason is that I'd like to improve my "skills" and maybe even make a career out of writing. I don't know what genre yet, but perhaps this class will help me figure that out. There are quite a few classes at U of T for writing and if this goes well, I'll continue with more. Maybe in a perfect world, I'd be an awesome freelance writer that works from wherever in the world I goddam want to because of the magic of the internet get paid and recognized and become secretly famous. (chaaa right). Or maybe I can get that huge old country home I've been dreaming of lately, live off the land, write my stories and make my crafts. That sounds like bliss to me.. except for maybe in the wintertime when I will get depressed and fat but we'll deal with that when the time comes. I won't shave my armpits or legs and I'll have a really long braid and wear the same denim skirt every day with a tank top and no bra. You can see it, can't you? hahahaa... ohh dear.


1 egg / spinach / half an avocado

Snack at work:
1 large banana / peanut butter
bit of coffee

1 jerky pepperette from the farmer's market
vegetable/beef soup
some chips

4 small plums from the farmers market. I have no limits with plums, they so good.

gin dranks and .. more plums? there will be pizza at work but I'll try my best to dodge that.