Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year-End 2012

I haven't written a post in a long time, I haven't been obsessed enough, also I've eaten like a fat ass for the past two weeks or more. Not proud. But I have managed to go to the gym 3X each week so that's good. I'm beginning my "Whole 30" again on January 2. More like Whole 35 - I'll do 5 weeks at least. Maybe 6. I watched a vegan docu yesterday which turned me off meat. But really, it's only turned me off factory farmed meat. I wanted to try a vegan challenge instead of paleo but I know I won't get the nutrients I need. Plus you need that protein to lost fat, sorry. I've read up on it and it's true. People argue that we don't need to eat meat, which could be true, but fact is, humans evolved to where we're at because of meat. Why do you think our brains are so big? Google it. And I know for buidling muscle I need that protein and I def won't be living off hemp or pea powder for that source. I'll just never buy grocery store meat and stick to my local ethically raised expensive meat. My conscience is clear.

I'm looking forward to nixing sugar again. It's killer. It fucks everything up and it truly is a drug. We are ALL addicted. Wait til you give it up and you'll see. And that means RARELY eating bananas, apples, all fruit basically. Because it is all high in sugar. Stock up on those veggies, nuts, fats and meats and you'll be fine. No more fruit bowls for breakfast, and like 1-2 apples per week if you're wanting weight loss and a true detox. I need a serious sugar detox so I'm laying off the fruit this coming week f'sho. Bring on the pain, I like seeing change in my body and mood. I'll be shitty for two days, and just fine afterwards. No booze. I'll make the exception for Soundgarden, sorry. But that's it!! I've already got a countdown chalkboard happening in my kitchen, I can't wait til the "Days without sugar" number grows and grows. It shows strength, determination, loyalty. People will try and break you, women will try and break you out of jealousy. They'll want you to fail because the thought of you getting a bangin body and sticking to your word drives them nuts, because they can't. Keep that in mind each time you are 'tempted' by these witches. You dominate when you say no, they back down sheepishly when you say no. And each time you say no, you are one step closer to those abs. Trust.

My goal is to feel and look great in old blue velvet. I'm approaching 31 and I need to keep things tight before they go south, and they will go south if ignored. I'm ignoring my stupid hair until May, when it will be a suitable length for highlighting. It's ugly right now and I'm accepting it.

Anyway, I have chores to do today, groceries to get and friends to meet for dinner. The second-last supper.

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