Saturday, December 15, 2012


I don't know where to begin. Too much boozing is happening. Also I wore this to Jamies work party last night. The theme was vintage circus, so I was a circus 'strongwoman'. You know those ladies that lift weights n shit. I brought a prop - a fake home made barbell with 100lb 'weights' on the ends. I have regrets about wearing it. YES I wore pantyhose. skin tone ones tho. I didn't feel fat - that may change when I see the photos. FUCK MY LIFE AND THE INTERNET.

I need a proper clothing moderator in my life, and it can't be my male partner. Listen, I wouldn't wear that if it wasn't a fucking costume party, it's not like it was completely inappropriate. Yes it was short and I am tall but so what? Some girls were wearing strapless things.. and short skirts n stuff.. so what's the diff if I was wearing super short shorts?? It wasn't to be sexy, it was the costume. It was simple and made sense to me. I got ready in a sober state so I wasn't wearing beer goggles when I saw myself. Clearly I was confident enough to wear it but maybe I'm too fat for it. Fuuuuh. And what the fuck, people wear less at the beach and at pools so eat shit.

Tonight we have our 'friends' xmas party. There will be lots of food. Shit I need to get booze. Great.

We went out for breakfast at 2pm today. I had a club sandwich + fries. Yay weight gain.

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