Thursday, November 29, 2012


Major fat day in effect. I've mentioned my loss of control and now I'm seeing the results of it. I had a pair of jeans that fit nicely post-challenge. Now they are back to tight and not fitting. I'm not impressed with myself at all. Not to mention I've been working all week and only been to the gym Monday. Not happy about this one bit.

I hate that my body just goes back to fat as soon as it gets a chance. Like, fucking stay healthy!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!

I have two weeks to fit into my velvet dress for xmas party. Im wearing it goddammit. Fuck you fatness and period!

Sleep was fine, not long enough and full of bizarro dreams about my grandfather and my dad.

protein smoothie. no eggs. FML.

Snack at work
apple with cashew butter on TWO SLICES. Look at me cutting down all weight-watchers like. fuck you.

Lunch? Who cares. Water and water probably. Oh wait I brought lunch. A small can of tuna, spinach, mushrooms and a tomato.

Remember how shitty I felt today? Well I had chinese food for dinner bot by choice but I did choose to eat it. Naughty. This marked my last time ever eating chinese takeout. It's gross and it is NOT late night work fuel.

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