Friday, November 16, 2012

ty red

Guys, I'm not "back" yet. I still don't feel better. I have this annoying cough that only wants to act up when it's sleep time. So, I've barely slept this past week and a half. Fucking brutal. Each night I gauge how good my sleep was by comparing it to the night before.
"I slept much better tonight. Maybe even 4 hours.. better than last night."
Nevermind getting like 7-8 hours of sleep straight. I forget what that is even. Each night I think to myself, tonight is the night. I'm tired, the coughing is less... but what happens? I lie down and cough city. Terrible. I am so so tired. I think my abs hurt from coughing. My FACE hurts from coughing. Honestly, I'd rather be barfing for a week than hacking my brains out. Seriously.

I also feel like I'm getting fatter. I can totally see it in my belly. I HATE not being able to work out. I want to be able to wear my velvet dress for the Christmas party.. but I bought it at a nice thinner time, and I'm skurd Imma look like a sausage heffer in it. I just want to feel normal again.

3 banana pancakes. You know the ones.

At work:
more coffee, more banana cakes.

piece of chicken breast, half a sausage, bowl of mixed berries/honey.

Now, I'm not busy at all and I want to eat for no reason. I might go home, I'm exhausted and could use a nap.

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