Monday, November 19, 2012


Sleep was not great, woke up with a tickly cough at like 4am or so. Jamie was up with a sore throat. Our house is plagued with.. the plague.

1/4 meatza + 1/2 avocado + coffee

I ate too much this weekend, I abused my stomach and I didn't even have any fun doing it. It was just a shitty eaty weekend for no reason. It's not like I went out and drank and had 3am pizza and then felt like shit. I just ate to eat at home, never left the house aside from groceries. Fun times. My gut is angry for it, I can feel it. I also feel like I have 3 chins right now.

back to crossfit tonight though. Can't wait.

Lunch was stuffed red pepper

Snacks later:
carrot paleo muffin 
apple  w/cashew butter.

2 tomatos, small can tuna + half avocado

I made more muffins, this time I added protein powder.

quick breakfasts for the week.

Crossfit was great, it was tough since I am recovering from being sick. But back atter!

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