Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Busy Long Week

This week is busy and LONG. It's only Wednesday and there is still so much more to do. I tried wearing my hair messy curly but by the time i got to work it was a big frazzled mess. With my black blazer and leggings, I looked straight from a Tim Burton film set. I controlled the mop once I saw myself.

froz berries, 1/2 banana pancake, some seed mix, coconut milk and cashew/coconut butter.

We are out of eggs. I prefer not to eat sweet things in the morning, all it does is hike your blood sugars and make you crave all day #fact. Bananas every day are a no-no cuz of the sugar content. AND berries. Need to get more eggs, they are really the best thing to eat in the morning, unless you have other dinner leftovers.


As I just finish eating 4 hershey kisses out of stress.

That's all for sugar today though, I swear. I have to buy my lunch which I'm not crazy about. Need meat and veg. Where?

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