Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Things

I cannot WAIT to go back to crossfit again. It's been over two weeks and I want my routine back. I feel like a fatty unhealthy mcgee, I've slipped down an eating crap slope and I need to get back on trizzack.

I made the Well Fed Meatza last night. It was ok. I think I'd rather make a 'paleo' crust out of whatever flours as opposed to eating ALL MEAT pizza. It was good, but it doesn't satisfy a pizza craving. I went to Magic Oven the other night and got a GF pizza w/sweet potatoes, figs, gorganzola.. it was SO GOOD. The crust was a GF rice flour one (faileo) but still easy to digest compared to regular crust. I think I'm going to search for the perfect nut flour crust. I bet it doesn't exist, but it's worth a try so I can mimic that particular pizza.

I also ate a few chunks of chocolate from a massive fake toblerone bar. As well, a bag of "pop chips". Not the small personal bag, the large bag. And the large is not large actually. Friday I had a beer or two and some chips. Bad news. Control resumes today. No excuses anymore, and I'll get back on recording my eats now.

I made this my iphone wallpaper:

Not only do I think it's a super haaawwwwt photo, I think it's actually a great shot and quite beautiful. But the reason it is my wallpaper is MOTIVATION. I have a hard time starving myself so I'm going to have to step up my nutrition/exercise game. Fuck you snacks! (there are carrot/banana muffins in my oven right now - paleo though!). I have carrots that need using, figured I'd try a new recipe.

Gonna get running back into my life too. It's good for the soul.

Sleep was fine, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the past week and a half. I can sleep now, without hacking my brains out. Fantastic. However my poo is off-track. You care. This is what happens with a sedentary life. I can't believe how long I went without regular awesome exercise. What a fatass.

veggie omelette, few berries + coffee
small handfull of cashews - eating berries and drinking coffee doesn't mix, so I "cleanse the palette".

Ugh, speaking of palettes, I need to come up with some artwork within the next 2 weeks for an art show put on by a video place in the biz. I might reuse the masks. Is that ok? Do I care? I don't see anything wrong with using the same art at two different shows. Maybe if I feel inspired i'll come up with something new.

Can I just mention that whenever I see paris on the tele I sort of want to cry? No joke. I can't wait to go back.

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