Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Home!

I will not even begin to try and tell you what I've consumed the past two weeks. Ok here is a brief summary:

Mussles, fries, croissants, mussels, fries, croissaints, eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, baquettes, cookies, fois gras, fish, wine, wine cider, cheese, wine, chocolate, cookies, chips, steak tartare, pizza, chips, fries, wine, shrimp, salad! creme brulee x2, ice cream, macarons, mini donuts..This was just France. Fack!

Fish, salad, oatcakes, cider cider cider guinness, wine, butternut squash, fries, chips, HOBNOBS, hunter's chicken (chicken with bacon and cheese) fries, chocolate bars, ginger beer a few times, calamari, meat pie, sticky toffee pudding, burger, risotto, ice cream, a pasty, banana, chicken curry, sushi.. that was Scotland.

I wouldn't be surprised if you don't recognize my fat face. The good news is in Edinburgh we did ALOT of walking, probably at least 20km accumulative. So perhaps I didn't gain too much here? I'm SO not reading that scale when I get home. Fuck that.

I'll blog my last day here, Friday September 14:

sleep was shyte.

1.5 hard boiled eggs
2 small cookies. They are like chocolate digestives, but from France :)

Why do I feel I can be a gluttunous pig on vacation? I only pay for it when I get back. I hate it but I still do it. Not getting depressed about it though.

This will be a day of airport food and I'm NOT eating the meal on the plane. barf.

We're having a new paleo challenge at the gym starting tomorrow. Why am I so excited for this? I'm going hardcore, that's why. There are talks of going to Florida over the Christmas break (Orlando area, MA! with the kids and all). But winning the challenge is more of a priority than looking good in Florida, although it helps.

I'm excited because I think it's fall and I can do fall cooking at home but it's still like 30ยบ there. Not complaining. Protein and vegetables is all I'm eating for the next 5 weeks. No booze. Watch me. Reeeeeen I'll need support, I'm planning on having abs by the end of this and you're planning on fighting someone. Let's enter beast mode.

Anyway, this will be all til I get home.

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