Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Saturday Paleo Challenge

"paleo" pancakes with berries and coconut milk.

Eating that is not ideal. It's high in (natural) sugars, I don't want to keep going through withdrawal. I won't make it again.

Moroccan meatballs from Well Fed.

We had family over. There was a lot of temptations: cheese, chips, peanuts, hummus, red pepper dip, wine.. I refrained. It wasn't too hard.

But later on I had some red wine. I'd say about two glasses, maybe three. It fucked up my sleep and I woke up with a headache at like 6am. Not worth it. Not slipping again. I swear.


Stupid wine ruined my sleep. Fuck it!!!!!!! Why did I do that?! I'm way stronger than that and I'm using stress as an excuse. A poor, poor excuse. Not doing that again!! (during the challenge. Life... well we'll see). When I look back at the previous challenge, I spent a week in Jamaica. There was drinking. This time around, I only fucked up once. And I'm going 100% clean the next 4 weeks.

leftover fake pancakes with coconut butter/almond butter.

We have a HUUUUGEE bag of "muchies" in the cupboard - like, a fucking club pack - I think it weighs about 4 pounds. I want to eat the bag. uuugggghhh. Also someone brought over smokey bacon Lays chips (I love those!!). It's not opened.. but.. I want that too. :( AND my mom made home made peanut butter cookies. I put them in the freezer, you're goddam right I'm eating those in one month. There is a home made 'pina colada' cake in my fridge too - didn't have any of that either. This takes strength, but I know it's not worth it at this point. One fuck up with wine is all I'm allowing myself.

I was a bit of a snacking pit Sunday. Healthy things, yes. Some dates, guacamole, carrots.. I made some paleo muffins (fail) they were zuchini/apple. I put one extra egg by mistake and fucked it up. I also might have been skint on the honey. Trying to not get into any sugars.

Beef Rogan Josh from Well Fed. SO GOOD.
with spaghetti squash and spinach.

had like two of those failed muffins. No regrets, they're small.

had two teas, both had coconut milk. I accidentally bought sweetened coconut milk. Ugh.

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