Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #2 - Monday

I'm ok with this suffering. I'm getting used to it actually. My only vice is booze. It's really hard to give up and I want it. Beer.. mmmm.

Sleep was kind of shit.. I blame the black tea I had and some sugars. FML. Also I was having crazy dreams, I dreamt I saw a plane crash in Brampton and it looked like it was around my parent's area. I woke up before I could call to see if they were ok. FRUSTRATING. Then a helicopter crashed right beside the bus I was on. I told the bus driver to step on it cuz I was afraid the helicopter would explode. Fucking scary stress dreams.

2 egg omelette w/mushroom, spinach and guac

at work:
coffee + failed muffin w/bit of cashew buttah

leftover rogan josh - can't wait! omg I just realized it's 12 - this day is flying. GOOD.

Crossfit tonight + maybe some meatballs.

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