Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where was I?

When did I last post? Thursday or Friday? I don't know, who cares. We went to the cottage this weekend to do some fixings. I fixed nothing but a fantastic pot roast on Saturday. I brought up stupid almonds to snack on while everyone had munchies and beer. I almost cracked and had a beer. I was THISCLOSE to having one. Jamie said 'no, you're doing so good..' so I didn't have a beer. But I did have a glass of red wine with my roast dinner. It's kind of mandatory. SORRY!!!

Ok, let's take it from the top.

Friday night:
Almonds, cashews, olives.
piece of a huge honey crisp apple. FYI honeycrisp apples are the bomb.


Saturday breakfast:
3 scrambled eggs - I had to make my own since my brother puts milk in his. I was a snobby bitch.

cold cuts, olives, pickles?

honeycrisp appleness

Let me tell you.. those beers looked like drugs. I died.

Pot roast, squash, peas, sweet potatoes. And that secret I mentioned earlier.

Breakfast Sunday:
scrambled eggs, butcher's bacon, coffee.

Someone posted a yummy tea on the CFQ FB page - coconut milk, earl grey tea, vanilla. Do I have EG tea? I'll check. Sounds goooood.

So, as far as food goes, I stuck it out and suffered all weekend. I weakened with the glass of red at dinner. If it makes you feel better, I didn't enjoy it as much because I couldn't drink lots of it.

Big salad at lunch w/stuff in it. I'm getting lazy right now. My writing class starts this Wednesday! New adventure. Do people bring notebooks to class these days? Or just laptops? I'm serious.

Ran 5k and struggled, but the weather was great for it.

steak and onion sausage + squash/sweet potatoes + spring mix

Coconut milk tea - steeped in a pot on the stove. I am going to Essence today to get some more decaf herbal tea. I know I complained about herbal tea, I've yet to find good ones. I like Rooibos though.. We'll see. I just like blowing money at that store.

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