Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off track

I am so completely off-track this week, it's ridic. I meant to go hardcore with fitness and food, but two super late nights at work smashed that dream. I'm going through sugar withdrawal like nobodies biz.. headache, depression, irritable, sensitive and TIRED. I haven't gone off paleo yet, but it's only been 4 days. I managed to eat good proteins and veggies regardless of having to buy food for dinner Monday and Tuesday. I'm lucky to have a pricey health store nearby that serves hot foods. A nice piece of fresh salmon and chicken fed me both nights.

Let's do Wednesday onwards, since Monday and Tuesday were a blur.

Fuckall + coffee (woke up late, rushed out door - ungh)

At work:
Apple w/cashew butter. Cashew butter is the new almond butter. I think I prefere AB though.

Bit of leftover broccoli salad + few antipasto bits n bites.

Jamie made a great paleo version of stuffed peppers. They turned out really good.
Ate half of one + the cauli rice.

Carrots + guac

Bench + rows. I was out of shape from my 3 week break, plus pounding headache from no sugar. Not giving in!!!

kale + ground beef + cauli (from the peppers)
half banana protein smoothie w/coconut milk and water

Went to bed at 10:30, probably fell asleep around 11.

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