Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paleo Challenge Round 2

Yesterday was supposed to be day 1 of the new challenge, but since a delayed flight made us miss our connecting flight home, we had to stay in London for a night. Which meant a free meal at the restaurant + free breakfast then airline food. I'll just consider that an extended vacation of one more day. I wanted to be strict with my eating the moment we landed but we were hungry and ended up getting portuguese chicken in brampton. I tried getting a quarter chicken with salad but they are the chicken nazis and it doesn't work that way. But I did get those little round potatoes. Paleo fail, but at least it wasn't bread or anything. IT's just a naughty vegetable.

So here's what I had the moment we came home onwards:

1/4 chicken Portuguese Churresqueira dinner with potatoes. It's so good.
Tetley tea with a bit of coconut water in it (?).

I refrained from the cookies that were offered and booze. I drank some wine on the plane and ate their chicken dinner - which was a little piece of white meat, veggies, rice and gravy. Not horrible. But I are the oat cookie and pasta salad. All faileo but like I said, it's on NOW.

We have no food in the house, of course. Just things rotting in the fridge. I'm doing a healthy shop this afternoon, lots of greens, meats, eggs and maybe 2 avocados. I'm going hardcore guys, don't even think about offering me a sweet or a drink.

I plan on running today. I went to bed at 10pm last night and woke up today at 9:30. It felt really really good. I feel a bit groggy but perhaps a run will snap me out of it. I wanted to run with MA in the cemetery but she forgot her shoes at CF so I may go down to the lake. I need a good cardio session.

handful almonds, coffee (no food)

what shall I make for dinner? is it fall yet?

I went shopping, loaded up on my vegetables and meat for the week.

Afternoon Snacks:
some almonds, 2 pepperettes (which i don't recommend if you plan on running at all).
Carrots and guacamole

Ran 5.5k or so. I think it's actually 5.6, but I had to do some walking - not more than 30 seconds mind you. The whole thing took me like 40 minutes - yuck.

Butcher's sausage
roasted buttercup squash
spinach salad

I posted this on the challenge page, it doesn't look very appealing though does it? I didn't stage it properly. I should take fancy photos with my fancy camera and make everyone's mouth water.

When I make salads, I always make my own dressing. It is 3 parts olive oil, 1 part vinegar (so, 1/3 of the cup is vinegar, 2/3 is oil. just eyeball it.) Either balsamic or red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of grainy dijon, pinch of salt. If it's not made with those vinegars, I'll use a citrus fruit of some kind - but I don't add mustard to those ones, usually a herb of some sort like dill. The trick is to make sure your ratios are correct, you don't want too much vinegar, and you need to make it salty. The dijon is a must, and if you don't have any, use mustard powder - just a little bit though. yum yum.

For the buttercup squash, I got the idea from,. It's a good resource for healthy gluten free, grain free, sugar free recipes. The only thing that doesn't work with me is that a lot of her recipes are sort of Asian - not that I have a problem with Asian foods, but I don't have some of the ingredients on-hand. Like fish sauce. But some of her recipes, like the asian beef ones look so friggin good. I just might have to get some of that fish sauce. Also she uses a dutch oven - don't have one. I'm sure there are solutions and alternatives I could look up, but once I see "dutch oven" in the instructions, I bail on the idea.

I'm glad I went for that run, it was beautiful out. Monday I crossfit. Also, I bought hairdye from shoppers thinking I'd dye my hair. Got red and black since I couldn't decide, both semi permanent. I didn't do it because I don't know if I want to yet. I can't even decide on semi-permanent hair dye!! Also you should know I'm sick of my hair cut. That is all.

I bought some home waxing strips too because going to get waxed is inconvenient. I've done it before, and succeeded - I mean waxing ALOT off and my upper legs. But this time was a fail, I don't know if it was the wax or what.. I used Veet wax strips. I think it was goopy or something and it was also scented. Not keen on that for sensitive areas...I kept hurting myself. Damn. At least I got my legs did though. Too much info? You want to know that anyway.

Happy week everyone and happy fall! I know it's not fall but school is on - FACK! subway.. ugh.

k bye.

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