Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I lied

Not on hiatus.

Sleep was ok, but it's so hard getting up! gad!

2 eggs / spinach

at work:
apple with cashew butter. why have any other butter when you can have cashew butter?? you know when you eat a mix of nuts you pick out the cashews anyway.

grounds sausage in tomato sauce + spinach.

I am feeling super bloated and fadgy lately. Is it from my thursday night binger?? still? holy.
Well, I haven't been all that 'good' lately with food. I've had bread/pasta recently. My stomach was not happy about all that. Also, beer is always in our fridge and I keep drinking them. My bowels feel unhappy too.. ugh.

I should really go for a run tonight. It's been decided. Fuck you lazy self!

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