Sunday, August 26, 2012


This may be my last post for a while. Things to do, places to see.

We are having another paleo challenge at the gym in September. I am going hardcore and winning. Motivation: gym membership. I can mildly starve myself for a month + workout lots. Watch me.

Sleep was awful. I blame the coffee I had after dinner. What was I thinking? We went to Ceili Cottage for dinner, we shared the terrine special. It was duck terrine. Good shit. I had the cod cakes + salad, Jamie had the meat pie (bison + sweet potato). That place is great but the selection is limited. But you're guaranteed a great dinner regardless. Also they have a nice patio which is pretty desirable. I wish I lived walking distance to a pub like that. The dessert special.. wait for it... nutella and bacon cheesecake. yeah that's right. We ordered it. It didn't taste like bacon, but had chewy bacon bits in it (ungh). It was a salty chocolate cake. Good though. We watched Braveheart later to get in the Scottish mood. Also shared a bowl of popcorn with beer.

skipped on the run due to shit sleep.

coffee, scrambled eggs, rice cake w/home made nut butter and maybe some chocolate chips on top.

hey, I need to fatten up a bit for the challenge so my change is more drastic ;P this shouldn't be a problem.