Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One more week, that's all I have to say.

Sleep was good, surprisingly.

I've been obsessing so much about my hair that I haven't even been able to enjoy the anticipation of our upcoming adventure. Mind switch! Excitement mode commences NOW. Fuck the PO-leese. And I'm having a good hair day. I'm learning, I'm learning and I'm CHOOSING my short hair. I'll explain this mindset in person, my friends.

I loved that blueberry + nut + coconut milk bowl so much that I had it for breakfast. I don't mean canned coconut milk, btw. I mean the one that comes in the tetra box, like almond milk. It's good. It's not heavy, its a bit more watered down. It tastes a bit shocking with the first bite, but with the cinnamon, crunchy nuts and cool blueberry bursts, it's quite delightful! (bahahha) I also sprinkled coconut shreds on it. I recommend it. Paleo cereal. No grains. Word up.

BUT, since I didn't have any protein, I'm friggin hungry already. And I can't stop thinking about getting an Americano and a snack from Sense Appeal.

scotch egg
small bowl of ketchup chips. what?

maybe another small bowl of k-chips later on.

Backsquats, front squats then..
3 rounds of..
30 wall ball
300m run.

I died.

smoothie and 2 Amish pepperettes.

I refrained from having a beer.

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