Monday, August 20, 2012

eim behind

sleep was ok

went for a lovely 6km jog yesterday with my 2 friends. One of them is new to running so we didn't go as hard as we could have. That's ok. Next week I'll give'er.

2 egg + sausage omelette


salmon, sweet potato + curried cauliflower + home made basil aioli inspired by BQM

Getting used to my haircut, gettin positive reviews by my buds and looking forward to all the styles I'll have in between now and next year.

May or may not crossfit tonight. I need to grab some things for our trip. A new TNA hoodie for one. Not because its TNA per sey, but because the length/sizing is perfect and my current black one's cuffs are mangled. Think I'll get a grey one this time. what what.

Maybe I'll even get myself some new lippy!

Should I bleach the top part of my hair?

Didn't go to crossfit.

"leftover salad" = sausage / veggies / spinach / blue cheese

later, some chocolate chips and rooibos tea.

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