Wednesday, July 11, 2012


sleep was better than the night before, but still not great.

eggs + spinach + gruyere cheese

half avocado at work.

lunch at java house:
avocado and brie sandwich and homefries (few cubed fried potatoes)

starbursts. maybe some hershey kisses. ugh candy at work is stupid.

Went to crossfit. bux jumped on a higher level. Made me feel good. I think I stink right now but I guess that's a sign of a good workout. Tomorrow is our summer party at work, its Kentucky Derby-themed and we're hittin up the races. Wish me luck! I'm making a super gay hat out of things I got at the dollar store. Its not for fashion whatsoever, but for a prize. I figure I'll be the only one putting effort into it, and that will win me my prize. Strategic thinking. It's the benefit of being one of the older girls, I don't have to look sexy cuz I already IS sexy even with a gay art teacher craft hat. hahahah I'm kidding. I bought myself another waxing kit. I can't be bothered to go to my girl at the moment and it's way cheaper doing it myself. It gets a bit complicated and takes a but longer but I succeeded last time. yeah I stink.

Ok, since I am taking this writing class in the fall, I'm thinking I'd like to start a NEW blog. I know I have my other one which I've abandoned, but I want to start fresh. I want a certain theme and I want to be consistent with my content. I'm thinking of making a craft/homestead blog. Also including life stories and funny anecdotes, but nothing too too personal or too crude. Help me think of an idea for a fresh new blog. I want good photos in it too.

protein smoothie. Time for shower and craft. Mama's breaking out the glue gun.

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