Sunday, July 22, 2012


Spent the weekend in St Jacobs. Took Jamie for his birthday - is bday isn't until next Friday, but I've got a softball game on Saturday so we went this weekend. I'll make him a nice dinner friday though. Gotsta keep that day special!

Ate many things, I won't even bother listing them all.

Sleep was shyte, both nights. We can't sleep in anything smaller than a king. Yes, we're spoiled.


Continental breakfast at the Inn. Whole wheat bagel + butter and peanut butter.

Went for a 5k run when I got home. I died. It was soooo fucking hot! took me like 40 minutes, I did more walking than usual. Still went though!

Post run:
protein smoothie + piece of summer sausage from the market.

Sausage / zucchini / corn on the cob / grilled nectarine / cheese

handful trail mix + some almonds + 2 dates

tea time, True Blood then Breaking Bad. Sunday's are good again! Except it's Monday tomorrow. FML.

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