Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday the summerist.

It's a beauty out there today. I went to bed around 11 or 11.30 and woke up at 10. I could have slept longer but I wanted to make the 11am class. And I did. It wasn't too intense. My workout was meh, and the metcon didn't kill me. I used 15 lbs for the db push press (the squating ones) and ring rows instead of chins cuz I can't do them anyway.
12 / 15 / 9 of each. meh. There were a lot of people in the gym today because there were teams practicing for some crossfit competition. Seemed intense. Lots of running, rowing, wall balls and burpees. Fuck that.

Had an americano from the Primal Grind cafe which made an appearance at the gym. It was good. Also  some sort of lara ish nut ball. It was 2 bucks, what a rip off. But it tasted good with my coffee. I got my fat % measured again, and guess what... I've made more progess! Now I'm at 21.4%, before I was at 24.something % and when I first got measured I was 28.3%. I am very pleased with my results. I am at the low end of "normal" and just near the "athletic" range. Awesome. All the bitching I do and guilt I feel after poor food/drink decisions but I still make progress. This weight stuff works for me, it's just slower than I'd like. That's fine. I'll try and squeeze in some runs, maybe make use of that backpack I bought and run home sometimes. Summer also noted that my skin is loose. hahah.. yes. I am soft, my fat is not hard at all. It's all very soft. There was a big decrease in my stomach, back and quads...good areas to lose fat. Anyway, enough about that.

Breakast, post workout:
protein smoothie

Dinner at Ceilli Cottage on the patio with my aunt and Jamie:
2 cod cakes / green salad.
Some of aunties terrine, yum
bite of blood sausage... uhhmmm.

And of course, you can't go to the Ceilli without a friggin sticky toffee pudding for dessert. We shared it and it was fantastic. Great food like that is NEVER regrettable. Fuckit.

Now I am lazing on the couch. I don't feel like going outside.


  1. Helllsssss yeeahhhh to everything....


    Sounds like you're having a lovely weekend so far!