Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ahhh short weeks rule

sleep was not great, it was disruptive and my mind woke up each time my eyes did. Boo to that. It might have been the coffee I had at 11am. Tsk tsk. Plus I should have gone to the gym but I chose to laze around and make nut butter instead.

1 egg + spinach / coffee

apple + walnut/almond butter - yum

two big bites of my bottom lip
spinach salad: 2 eggs, 1 tomato, few walnuts and lemon juice.
I'm back. Oh that lemon juice felt so good on my freshly bitten (twice) lip. It still burns.

Shit I just realized that's it for food for me until dinner. Should have saved the apple for an afternoon snack.

Crossfit tonight NO BAILING

I was just reminded that tomorrow night is a drunk night at work = drinks + karaoke. uh-oh. This means Fri/Sat/Sun are workout central fo sho. I was planning on going 4 days in a row. The only way that can happen is if I go in the morning tomorrow and we all know that won't happen.

Coconut water before workout

PR bench 75lb
Deadlift 165lb

Jamies vegetable beef soup (hardly any beef so I fixed myself a protein smoothie) just the rest of MA's coconut water, protein powder and some berries.

Felt peckish, had some rice crackers w/pb and honey. Peckish feelings have disappeared.


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