Monday, July 16, 2012

I haven't posted since Thursday. Brief recap:

Work summer party at the racetrack. Many drinks/foods were consumed.

Later that night: and industry party. THE party I guess. Everyone is there and everyone gets shitfaced. Lucky for me I was drinking all day and didn't feel like drinking all night so I left at 9.30. Fun seeing friends though.

Friday felt a bit shitty, had a salad from Z-Teca for lunch. It was ok.

Dinner was sausages and veggies on the barbie.

not much of a breakfast, headed to cottage at 830am. ate half a cruller on the way and mixed nuts.

At the cottage (mind you it was a weekend of repairs + my mom and I were the only women out of 9)

Chips. Hamburgers (I had one without a bun) pre-made salads - think potato/coleslaw/macaroni. All very fatty and calorie dense. Whatever. Lots of beer/booze. I stopped the boozing Sat night when I looked in the mirror and my face and neck were all blotchy red. Allergic reaction to one of the boozes or the mixture of them all. I was hanging with the men of my family, we were up til about 1am talking.

bacon/eggs/rye toast/hashbrowns.

few pieces salami, macaroni salad/coleslaw/beer
few cookies

at home:
mixed nuts
half a sausage


This week I'm busy, I need to work on an art project and squeeze in workouts.

handful of almonds / coffee

at work, a small home made cookie
1 juicy nectarine

Fusaro's tuna salad. Best salad around the hood, I say.

a few hershey kisses. meh.

crossfit - it was good, hot and sweaty. not busy I guess because of the heat.

1 chicken sausage from Royal Beef + grilled veggies
piece of parm cheese, bit of blue cheese

1 light beer


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