Friday, July 6, 2012


Seriously, thank the lawd it's Friday. I drank a bit too much last night and sang karaoke with my coworkers. Of course I hogged the mic and performed for everyone.. don't let me do that!!

I plan on working out later. Fuck the heat and my hangover, I did it to myself. I can't wait to live in my farm house.

Protein smoothie and coffee. I had to force it down. If I didn't eat that (drink) I would have gotten McDonald's for sure this morning. I almost did anyway, but I went into Fresh n Wild and got a broccoli and bacon salad and a coconut water (MA's fave!! haha). It was really good and a much better choice than hash browns and an egg mc muff.

I really want a burger for lunch though. I brought soup... but I can't stop thinking about hamburgers. Maybe I'll save it for tomorrow and get a Priest burg!! yeahhhhh.

Hero burger and fries. Didn't eat all the fries though, they were mushy. I meant to get the GF bun but I forgot.

4 little plums. Love plums, me.

1 pep patty

at home, a small bowl of veggie soup, now I'm barbequeing some chicken wings for dins. Threw together a salad w/tomatoes, fresh basil from the porch "garden",.

Skipped the gym tonight, i'll go tomorrow and run sunday.

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