Sunday, July 8, 2012

not thankful it's Sunday

Wish it was Saturday.

Sleep was ok, nice and long.

Coffee, apple w/almond butter.

Later, 1 hard boiled egg.

Late lunch after a good shop:
salami, cheeses, rice crackers and pickles.

Made some lara bars, tasted them. They good.

BBQ'd beef/porl/veal patty w/ veggies

small bowl of Ruffles hot wing chips. Kinda tasted like alldressed, I prefer BBQ.

I did lots of chores today: Groceries, cleaned, laundry, BBQ'd and yard work. I was alone all day and got lots of shit done. I managed to spend some time outside with the yard work and got a bit dirty. Felt very productive and I'm happy the yard is cleaner. ALL the laundry is done, sheets and all. Feels great getting into freshly washed sheets on a Sunday night.

F-U Monday, though. F-U very much.

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