Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second last Tuesday!

Okay only one more tuesday to go.

Weekend had some cheats, can't lie. But I did run twice and crossfit once. I feel good about everything in that regard.

Sleep was absolute shit, has to do with a cheat yesterday. Fuck! Bad sleeps ruin everything.

2 slices ham, carrot muffin thing.

At work:
Coffee then apple w/maca butter

scotch egg / spinach / tomato / half avocad.

attempted to eat a crappy apple/ failed/

scotch egg + carrots

making some chicken breast/coconut milk concoction. Seems good, I'll let you know how it turns out. I freestyled a recipe I was inspired by from the net. This is for the rest of the week lunch/dinners.

It was good.

I have a bunch of pumpkin puree leftover, so I made a punpkin spice latte with coco milk and rooibos tea. it was ok.

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