Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wed #3

My sleep was bad, I had a hard time falling asleep for two reasons:
too much caffeine during the day
accidentally ate sugar. a friend at the gym gave me a bag of trader joe's coconut flakes. I ate some at home, thinking how yummy and sweet they were.. then I look at the ingredients - there's sugar in them!!! uigggghhhhhh.

Anyway, won't make that mistake again.

Sleep was disruptive because of that and cramps.. see I was right with my previous night's sleep prediction. I knew I'd get it. Very in tune with my body.

I woke up extra early (read: on time) and started my chili which is slow cooking as we speak. I'm making the chocolate chili from Well Fed, it's gonna be facking awesome. I'd like to make biscuits but I'm going to my writing class tonight. Might have to wake up early and make them tomorrow. I totally will.

2 scrambled eggs, 3 dates, almonds.

Going to get an expensive americano. Hey, if I can't have booze, let me have coffee.

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