Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long weekend

Two more weeks to go on this challenge. Less than two weeks now actually. YESSSSSSS. I have been 100% on this when it is in my control. I did eat out once but I managed to choose all veggies, some had sugar but I'm not sweating about it. I've had a few glasses of red wine over these 3 weeks, what can I say, I'm weak and love that ancient Jesus juice.

Yesterday was thanksgiving with the family. There was lots of cheese, snacks, booze and of course thanksgiving dinner. I steered clear of the cheese platters and even the gluten free crackers. I did however, have one of my brother's bacon wrapped bbq'd stuffed jalepeno poppers. (stuffed with cream cheese). I figured I'd regret NOT having one. It was SO good. That was my first bite of cheese in three weeks. And it didn't upset my stomach one bit - SCORE. I'm not complaining that my body can tolerate these things, in fact, it's awesome.

I only had the meat and certain veggies for dinner. Didn't have any of the cheesie broccoli or super sweet yams. My cousin made some kickass pulled pork which had sugar in it of course, but.. no regrets. I had like 2 and a half glasses of red wine. Also didn't regret that because I wasn't feeling fat yesterday. I'm just not that strong I guess and I'm not beating myself up for it. But then dessert came out. - keep in mind I haven't had bread or gluten in three weeks. My niece made oreo/cream cheese chocolate truffles. I said no. My brother brought "sticky fingers" (cinnabon style treats) I said no. My brother made two layer pumpkin pie cheese cake with french whipped cream on top - I caved. And it was fucking awesome. Then I had a small piece of berry pie - and it was fucking awesome too. I did feel a bit of guilt for crashing on the sugar/gluten thing - but I'm pleased to tell you it didn't upset my stomach. This is fantastic because when I get back to normal I'll be sure to live 80/20 on this diet without having to worry about feeling sick over certain foods. The only thing was I noticed my heart raced a bit from the sudden sugar jolt. I was mostly concerned over my quality of sleep because of this. But I stopped eating at like 7p and my sleep went undisturbed. Cool!

Today I'm going for a run to repent for my naughty sins. That's fine. I'm warning you these next two weeks will be hardcore and I'll do bad things in order to show a difference in my body for the final weigh in.


breakfast: coffee

RUN TIME - cold weather run here I come.

Also I made those carrot/banana/pumpkin muffins everyone was raving about. They are too eggy - like a carrot spiced omelette. Fuck that.

I think when this challenge is done I'm gona look at those protein baked goods where they include protein powder n shit. These eggy ones are gross and boring. I have a bunch I need to eat still. sigh.

This afternoon I grocery shop, clean, rent a movie, cook pork carnitas, chill.

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