Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sleep wasn't bad, surprisingly. Just not enough as per uje.

protein smoothie, paleo brownie, coffee

At work:
1 dark choc ferrero rocher. Meh. hit the spot I guess.

sausage, broccoli, sweet potato
some peanuts/coated peanuts - fail.

All I can smell is curry right now. I think it stuck to my clothes. I don't love yellow curry.

Crossfit tonight. This is happening. Now I have to go Saturday morning at 9am to make my 3xwk quota. Thrilled.

I said I might not run anymore, but I think I might have to. I think I need to burn more calories. I've been working out for over a year and a half, yes my muscles have grown, but I still feel fadge. If only it wasnt winter. FML.

Some doritos. What? They weren't even my favourite kind.

Pre workout, healthy brownie.


A. Front Squat 4×2-3, rest 2-3mins - 120#, pretty impressed since that was my 1RM last attempt. Not impressed with the fat on my body though. Need to reduce calories.
B. Group Metcon:

4 sets:
row 400m, rest 3-5mins
averaged 1:29, then declined to 1:39 each.

salmon, red pepper/mushroom/onion stir fry.
seasoned salmon with butter and Ras Hanout spice. Flavoured stir fry with ginger, garlic, balsamic vinegar and ceyenne. Awesome.

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