Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday January 5

Shit sleep what else is new.

1 egg pod + mayo

Crossfit. MA where were you?! wwhyyyyy

A. 6mins of: Muscle-up practice or chin-ups – 1-2 tough reps every 30sec
B. Snatch Grip Deadlift 4×5, rest 2mins - 105#
C. Group Metcon:

For time:
25 pull-ups (I did 20)
50 wall ball
25 toe to bar (20) - sorry it kills my hands
50 KB swings
25 push-ups

Took me like 9 minutes of course I was the last one. There were 5 of us, one girl was new she totally cheated more than I did and finished before me.

So, lunch today at "Raw Aura" in the burbs. I'll report back later.

Three days without sugar, and going strong. I'm not craving it.
Yesterday I did have a banana and an apple though.

Just now, a protein shake:
powder/banana/froz berries/coconutmilk+water

Met the gils at Raw Aura. You know what, it was a great vegan restaurant. Everything we ate was fantastic. We started with a bowl of kale chips, and these were nothing like what you make at home. They were done in a dehydrator so they were crispy and they coated them with a cashew sauce. Half the bowl was 'sour cream and onion' the other half was 'creamy roasted red pepper'. They make the cream with cashews, lime juice, salt, vinegar something like that. I'm gonna try it. I bought a bag to take home. If I can save you some Narine, you have to try them. Next starter was an avocado tartar with "crackers". Basically like an avocado salsa, not runny or anything, but a nice big serving with these dehydrated seed/veg crackers. Fucking fantastic. We killed it.

Then onto the mains: The special of the day was Classic Pad Thai: Zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, lime, cilantro... among other spices and additions, all very easily digested, all paleo if you will. (sans meat of course). The girls both got that, I decided to get what I wouldn't normally get (an occasional rule I use at new restaurants) so I got the Sweet and Sour noodles. Same thing, zucchini noodles, kelp noodles, red peppers, a creamy tangy with a bit of spice creamy almond sauce with roasted almonds on top. Fucking awesome. It was a huge heap of food and I ate every last bite. In fact we all ate every last bite. There was a ginger spice to my dish, it was so so good. It just murdered Fresh. Fresh is a rip and is tasteless compared to Raw Aura. Ladies, we need to go one day, furreal. It's out of the way, but only a half hour drive from my place. Worth it for on Saturday afternoon.

K, dessert time. Since I'm off sugar and emotional and shitty, I didn't get anything sweetened with agave (which was 95% of their desserts), and believe me, there was a lot to choose from. They had truffles, almond bars, a few cakes (mostly made from avocado to give it a velvety cheesecakey type of texture). My only option was the apple crumble, which was sweetened with dates. Yes, not great, but better than agave in my opnion. It contained sliced green apples in a cinnomany light sauce coated in a walnut/date crumble. Amazing. I was so stuffed but I ate it all - What else is new. The ladies each got their own piece of cake (we don't like sharing apparently), Nad got the chocolate avo cake, Lisa got the chocolate banana avocado cake. Both great. Nadia's tasted like it had booze in it, but I think its just the raw cocoa flavouring. Not bad. We all finished with a big mug of tea.

The bill came to 35 bucks each, and I think that's not bad at all. If we had wine it would have been much more of course, but we were being good girls. I should have taken photos, everything was prepared and plated with love, neat and tidy, all freshly made and so so creative. I mean they make the noodles each time you order with one of those vegetable noodlers so everything is guaranteed fresh. I think I need one. They're fantastic, they can slice or noodle things. Can be very handy when you're getting bored of your meat and roasted vegetable dishes. Or if you're a vegetarian, bored of your boiled/pan-fried vegetables and hard boiled eggs- yes I'm looking at you lulz. With this noodler you can make asian inspired meals, pastas.. the possibilities are almost endless. The "cook" was right there behind the bar preparing the meals, and you could see him noodling the zucchinis, seemed fast and easy. Raw Aura sells the noodler for $55 plus tax. I'm gonna look online and see if it's worth it. It might be my new kitchen best friend.

Anyway, if you wanna venture outside the city (not too far, Lakeshore/Hurontario) and you're looking for creative vegan raw meals, try Raw Aura. It's cozy, modern, creative, thoughtful, delicious and friendly - oh and super healthy. You won't be disappointed unless you're boring and don't like trying new things and only eat chicken fingers when you go out. Bye!

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