Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You know what I miss? Toast. That thin, dense, farmer's rye bread we used to get. Mmmm that with avocado is so good. *tear*

Some guys on BT right now are talking about how important breakfast is. No one's surprised.

Sleep was meh, I woke up a couple times, not sure why.

Didn't feel like meat or eggs.
mixed berries, 1/2 banana, bit of coconut, bit of sunflower seeds and dried blueberries? raisins? bit of tahini, bit of honey, coconut milk, cinnamon. Sounds like a lot but when I mean a bit, I mean a BIT. like a teaspoon (less for the honey). It was good, I get sick of eating meat in the morning sometimes. The thought of chewing on roast beef wasn't appetizing.

Banana sandwich:
1/2 banana, cut in half lengthwise, pumk seed butter and honey in the middle. It was good. P-seed butter tastes most like peanut butter out of all the butters. I like this, I think I'll make my own.

Chicken sausage, eggplant, tomato. I'm keeping away from pork for now.


I need to slice up some carrots for snacks this week, too much fruit happening.

Fingers crossed I can hit CF tonight and tomorrow. "Drinks" with work is happeing Thurs. Guess who is drinking soda water?!

Hey guess what I didn't make it to Crossfit, missed it by like 15 minutes. I love that. Who cares about my life balance and what I need in order to feel 'normal'.

leftover roast beef, spinach salad. goat cheese/almonds.

2 rice cakes, pb and honey.

i got my period and i don't feel well.

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