Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sleep was better than I thought considering I ate three cookies last night. go me.

leftover chicken curry type thing
1/2 avocado

The rest of the day included some wine/champaign, a few treats and later on we went out for dinner. It was all very delicious.

Oh, I did squeeze in a crossfit session though:


A. Shoulder Press 3×6, 1×7 at 75% / 65#), rest 3mins
B. Ring Rows 3×10+, rest 90sec

5 sets for quality:
2 tough TGU/side / 25# then 30# for the last 2 rounds. yih yih!
4 heavy DB thrusters / 25#'s
6 strict toe to bar / working on getting my feet up there.

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