Monday, February 18, 2013


coconut milk
coconut shreds
In a bowl.

Made chocolate salty balls - they were the best ever. I tested a few.
attempted to make coconut butter - failed. didn't cream.

Girlies came over

Salt & Vinegar chips were had before dinner

I taught them to make jewelry with feathers and all the crap I had, they enjoyed it.

I then put Labyrinth on for them while dinner cooked. They liked it! Win! I was wondering if they were noticing Bowie's bulge because its so prominent. And why is it funny now, but not funny then?

Shep pie from Well Fed. I seasoned it "Mexicana' and it was great.
Bit of squash

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach. Not a very long one, it was bitter out.

Came back, did our face masks then watched Hotel Transylvania. It wasn't good.
Had some popcorn with dinner.

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