Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Week

Sleep was average, not great.

Last night I ate more popchips. Running. Seriously... starvation mode afterwards.

3 bacon 2 eggs. I didn't plan on eating bacon again, but Jamie made it. No more this week.


eggplant strata w/1/4 avo
kale chips

banada + pumk seed butter. its gone now, good riddance!

I made a poor choice tonight.

Jamie planted the seed that we could go to Peking Man for dinner. This is our favourite, RARE OCCASION Chinese restaurant. It's up in North York so we never go. We haven't been in a few years I'd say. So I thought I'd rush home, go to CF early and we could go after. I showed up at 6:30 and it was completely rammed, I could have waited til 7 for the official 'class' to start but I was motivated by the thought of eating at PM so I left and we went there for dinner. Was it delicious? Absolutely. Was it necessary...? no. Did I eat too much 'bad' food? Yes. And I paid by having a sore stomach all night and this morning (it's Tuesday now) I feel like a salty bloat fish.

What have I learned from this? Don't bail on Crossfit when I'm already there - ESPECIALLY if bailing means going to eat food that will make me less healthy. Also, I've learned that Peking Man is delicious, but it hurts my stomach now. Great.


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