Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's 50% over. Great.

I'm not even addressing nutrition Friday night or Saturday. I was good at work but snacked in the evening and then had a gluttonous dinner at a steakhouse. We didn't hold back.

Then today, I had a great healthy breakfast but failed during our outing. We went to the sportsman show. I ate a chocolate bar.

Then had some cider and sweet potato fries.

Then proceeded to a wonderful restaurant and had a plank with paté and all sorts of pickled meaty goodness. Then ate some trout and salad.

2 cocktails. Delicous ones, I might add.

chocolate cake and coffee for dessert.

So, I had a chocolate bar for lunch and a huge ass dinner. I'm sitting here on my laptop looking at images of crossfit girls and wanting to got hardcore to be super fit this summer. I need to start now if this is going to happen. Fucking winter.

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