Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Back to work, great. That weekend just whipped by. K, Tim McGraw is on BT and he is so fit right now. You wanna know how? He has a "strict diet and works out three times A DAY (with Daniel Craig's trainer). Can you say unrealistic celebrity perks? I'd be ripped if I had time for that shit too.

Sleep was ok, not long enough and getting out of bed was super hard.

blueberries / 0.5 banana / coconut / c-milk / cacao nibs / cinnamon / few almonds
I love this makeshift cereal. I just didn't feel like meat.

Eating healthy and clean = calories / nutrients. The calories you eat must be nutrient-rich. I think that breakfast had nutrients, it was just lacking in protein.

Shep pie + 1 Tbsp avocado a la Reen. Thanks, that fat was needed to keep me satiated. (new word).


Chicken eggplant strata
1/4 avocado

Tea time. Bed soon.

Crossfit was great, I need to work on my double unders. And chins.

Pressed 65# 4x4. Good times.

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