Monday, June 25, 2012

4 day week - twice!

ahh, I live for weekends. This coming weekend will be a 4-dayer.

Sleep was good. Ever since I've cut back on coffee, I've been sleeping much better. Crazy ass dreams though.

2 rice cakes + nut butter. Rice cake is a semi fail. coffee.

At work:
1 apple, 1 pep patty.

Tonight I crossfit fo sho. I've got some ground beef thawing, I might make some scotch eggs.

There are free sandwich samples at work today, from Fusaro's. I passed because of the bread. Need to focus.

Fusaro's salad (I keep my promises sometimes)
a few stale cheezies. I love stale cheezies!!

K, it's our 7th anniversary today - we're happily unmarried and celebrate the night of our first date.

We went to a pub on College called Southside Louis'. We drank like two pitchers and maybe ate some food I don't remember. Jamie made me a little ewok out of felt, it was stuffed and on it's own little "packaging" background. Of course he hand-stitched it. It was very cute and it even had a little heart where it's heart is. I'll have to dig it up and take some pics of it. He made it for me because I was an ewok for halloween when I was little.. also he loves star wars and the only thing I know about star wars is Ewoks.

It's very cute.

So, tonight we are either going to that pub for dins.. or I am going to the gym.

Update: I didn't do the pub OR gym. I went home, grabbed some ingredients for dinner on the way and made us some tacos. Lettuce shell tacos. No carb. I also made salsa with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice. So good and easy. I used my food processor and it kind of made it too smooth, but it beat chopping all that. It gets messy.

Now I am on the couch, sans gym. I feel like a fatass.

tacos with lettuce "shells". Fresh and delicious. I put yogurt and cheese on them. So what.

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  1. what kinda lettuce, just romaine? or iceberg? I keep meaning to try this. PS check mine for amaze 'pancakes' i tried today... yum!